Teen Wolf S6: a thrilling first teaser trailer revealed

In the wake of the final season, MTV has revealed a new trailer for Season 6 of Teen Wolf. Hayden finds herself transformed into a werewolf. Most of the leading players in the series are back again.

Scott and his pack back

During last season, Hayden was forced to turn into a werewolf and is about to join the pack. Stile keeps track of his father. It will also monitor the interaction between Lydia and Stiles and Parrish.

MTV has revealed a short trailer where we see a few of the main characters. For his part, Tyler Posey continues his ascent towards other horizons.

Teen Wolf: a thorny relationship between Lydia and Parrish

The actor Ryan Kelley gave his impression of the relationship between the two characters in an interview with TV Line. "From a fan perspective, I love that Jeff Davis is doing, the relationship teaser between Stiles and Lydia. And it could be that it is not just the teasing. Parrish is an intriguing character for Lydia, they announced both death so they have a supernatural connection. "

Ryan Kelley continues stressing the ambiguity of feelings between Lydia and Parrish: "I've always wondered if they had a friendship, or if there was some more. This is a very beautiful girl so Parrish would be silly not to be attracted. But it has much to do and the writers continue to leave us hungry! "