The Division: Best Build as Sniper, Tank and Healer / Medic

In Tom Clancy's The Division, best build depends on your style of play, we have compiled suggestions for different tactics for you.

The Division: Best Build as Sniper

As Sniper you will naturally act from the background. This means that your abilities to fight at close range can somewhat neglected. Of course you can also be overrun and engaged in close combat. For this, you should create a secondary weapon - a corresponding weapon. We recommend you the following skills and modifications for the best build as Sniper.

Craft IPulse Tactical scanner
Craft IIAttachment Seclusion 
Master CraftTactics Link -

The pulse generator in conjunction with the Tactical Scanner marked your enemies and causes a higher loss among these opponents. The attachment gives you protection against enemy snipers and prevented by the Mod concealment that you highlight opposing pulse. The tactics link the caused of you damage and critical strike chance increase. The following talents you should take in as a best Build sniper:

- Steady Hands: If you choose to Steady Hands, the check for 10 seconds reduced by 25%.
- One is none: as sniper you should save your ammo. With this talent, you get in a head shot, a 50% chance that the ball travels back into the magazine.
- Precision: In The Division, there are opponents who cannot kill as a sniper with a headshot. Suitable for this purpose precision with which you can select an enemy with a headshot for 10 seconds.
- Shrapnel: This talent activates a 30% chance to apply the effect to all targets within 10m.

Best Build as a Healer / Medic

You have a pretty wide range of skills and talents that are useful. With our tips for the best build as a medic you can save the lives of some.

Craft IFirst aid Defibrillator
Craft IIAid post Lifesaver / ammunition storage
Master CraftRecovery Link -

With first aid and defibrillator you will be able to heal and revitalize your allies. Of course First Aid also heals you. In higher risk situations your allies heal and even resurrect (lifesaver). With the Mod ammunition dump your supplies with new ammunition. Revival is also possible with this master craft. You best use them when cooldown, the other effects have not yet expired. You should also equip with the following talents:

- Battle buddy: For the revival of an agent you will well rewarded. The incoming damage is reduced for both of you for 10 seconds 50%.
- Field Medic: If you use the first aid kit near your friends, these give you 40% within 20 meters.
- Breakaway: At low health reduces the cooldown time of your abilities by 20%.
- Emergency Medicine: Use a first aid kit to increase damage resistance for 10 seconds, low health 40%.

Best Build as a Tank

You can also go to the forefront, fortify you against high damage and direct the aggression of the enemy on you, that your allies have a free hand in The Division. Try out these suggestions for the best build.

Craft IBallistic Shield Kinetic shield
Craft IIMobile Coverage extension
Signature CraftSurvival Link -

The ballistic shield was added to the best build, with that you always have a mobile protection with you. Remember that you are doing is fighting exclusively with your off-hand weapon. During the game you can find a sawed-off shotgun that can equip you as a by-hand weapon. This compilation is deadly to the enemies near you. By modifying Kinetic shield absorbed even a part of the damage and converts it into life energy. The Mobile coverage gives you the opportunity to establish a cover at a desired location and by expanding this coverage is larger and can withstand more damage. The Survival Link helps you to increase damage resistance and the speed of you and your allies. Also use the following talents:

- On the move: Kill an opponent in motion to increase your damage resistance by 30% for 10 seconds.
- Desperate situation: at low health, the precision increases with blind fire by 20%.
- Breakaway: At low health reduces the cooldown time of your abilities by 20%. You will need a tank for this, so this talent is one of the most important for the best build.
- Technical assistance: you kill someone with a skill that increases the skills-period by 10%.