Final Fantasy 15 Demo, download / installation guide PS4/Xbox

Square Enix has released a demo version of Final Fantasy XV, the highly anticipated action RPG video game that serves as prologue to the full experience. Launched for PS4 and Xbox One, Platinum Demo takes the player to a fragmented dream of the protagonist Noctis as a child. Learn how to download and install the free demo on consoles.

Unlike Episode Duscae, test edition offered to those who bought the Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. Platinum Demo brings an original story that complements the narrative of Final Fantasy 15.

Who test the demo will unlock the summon Carbuncle (that comes with the character in the brief journey) to play in the full version on September 30, release date of the new episode of the franchise.

Install Final Fantasy 15 Platinum Demo on PS4

Step 1. Access the PlayStation Store through the console, browser or mobile application shop and login with the PlayStation account data;

Step 2. You can use the search tool, located in the upper right corner, or use the demo shortcut available in the "Games" tab in the "Featured". Click on the play icon and select "Download the demo version";

Step 3. After that, you will be directed to the profile of the demo in the store. Place the free product in the cart and proceed to checkout. The download will take up 3.8 GB of free space on HD console;

Step 4. Finally, select the "Download," the installation is done automatically by the PS4 system.

Install Final Fantasy 15 Platinum Demo on Xbox One

Step 1. Start the console, log in using the account data - Microsoft and view tabs "Shop" and "Games" to have access to purchase resources;

Step 2. "Games", locate the icon "Search in game store" and enter the Demo Platinum blank. Click on the banner of Final Fantasy XV demo version;

Step 3. After that, click the option to download to complete the transaction without cost. To allow the download to the console, you must press the "Install" option on the same purchase window. Platinum Demo requires about 4.5 GB on Xbox One.

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