Battleborn: all Editions and Season Pass at a glance

In Battle Born, you fight with 25 different heroes to protect the last star in the galaxy from an unknown threat. The characters could not be more different, you take control of archers with Miniguns or super-cyborgs. Here Battle Born lays equal emphasis on single-player and multiplayer.

Battle Born has, as is common today in every major game, a Season Pass and also appear in different versions, the contents of which we want to introduce you in greater detail below.

Steelbook Edition

The Steelbook Edition is exclusively available to buy on Amazon and includes the Standard Edition with 25 heroes, three different multiplayer modes and the story mode to the save the last star in a stylish Steelbook.

Digital Deluxe Edition

With the Digital Deluxe Edition, which you can get exclusively through Steam, you have the most comprehensive package hero shooter. It contains in addition to the main game:

- Season Pass with 5 new Story operations.
- Immediate access to 5 new heroes, as they are released.
- Taunt animations for Oscar Mike, Miko, Caldarius, Phoebe and Orendi.
- Cyber-character skin for Oscar Mike, Miko, Caldarius, Phoebe and Orendi.
- 3 legendary equipment packs.
- Golden pedestal during character selection.
- Golden Battle Born logo on the title screen.

Season Pass

In Season Pass from Battleborn 5 DLC packs are included, which will be published in future at regular intervals. Each DLC thereby contains a new story-operation for your Battleborn heroes and new skins and ridicule animations.

Owner of the Season Pass will also receive immediate access to the first 5 heroes, as they are released.

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