Sony may unveils upgraded ver of PS 4 - 4K / Neo /4.5 at E3

Rumor Sony is currently working on an improved version of the PlayStation 4. An insider claims that the Japanese company has not made this decision voluntarily.

In the nineties, Nintendo wanted to upgrade the game console Super Nintendo, by being equipped with an additional module to read CDs. This should occur in partnership with Sony, failed and laid the foundation for the first PlayStation. Now it could be that Sony takes up this approach and actually has a technical performance more powerful model of the PlayStation 4, the PlayStation Neo in planning. While the developers are not happy with this development and cherish the players some doubts about the plans, this plan could not be the fruit of the decision-makers at Sony, but have sprung from the supplier AMD.

Accordingly, AMD will want to convert the entire chip production to the newly developed 14-nanometer FinFET transistors. In contrast, the PlayStation 4 uses 28-nanometer planar transistors, which consequently will no longer be produced, which could also have an impact on the total production of the console. In addition, AMD will introduce the new Zen core CPUs and want to focus all production capacities to the effect. Therefore, Sony has the choice to put more money into production and to let AMD continue produce old chips, or switch the console to the new standard. Therefore, improved console is cheaper.

However, it is only unconfirmed rumors. Whether a PlayStation Neo ever existed and when it appears, we may get to know the answer at the upcoming E3 2016 in June.

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