In 7 Days to Die, many players are reporting problems at the start of the game. It is apparently not difficult to survive in the zombie apocalypse, but error affects a lot of players and they are unable to start or play the game.

7 Days to Die does not start: We have a solution!

If you cannot start the game and often you encounter an unknown error. This information benefits you To solve the problem:

- In your Steam Library click 7 Days to Die.
- Select properties.
- Then go to the Local Files tab.
- Now click on verify game cache integrity.
- Now try to start the game.

If this fails, you can try another way. If game is preset in Windows to 64-bit then you have to install a 32-bit version, otherwise the unknown errors may occur. Follow these steps:

- Go to the appropriate drive in your Steam folder.
- Select therein from SteamApps folder.
- Now click on the folder Common.
- Here you can see a list of your Steam games.
- Go to your 7 Days to Die folder.
- Here you can see more files, among others also install files.
- Click on the file: Install 32-bit
- Now start the game

If the game still won’t run, then take a look at the Steam official forum. There you will find some other solutions and fixes for different error messages.

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