7 Days to Die - Cheats and Console Commands

In 7 Days to Die, cheats and console commands can help to detect the play mechanism. Getting into the game is not so simple and the complexity surprised you. In our guide we have summarized all cheats and console commands for you.

- Enable cheat mode in the settings.
- Start the game and press the u key.
- This opens an inventory, from which you can take out the desired item.
- If you know the item ID, then you can use the search function to search for a specific item.

To enter the commands in 7 Days to Die, you have to press in the game, the key: (Key 1) press ~ for US keyboards / press 0 for EU keyboards. (Key 2) press " for US keyboards / press @ for EU keyboards / press Ö/Ø for Scandinavian keyboards.  Thereby you activate the console and can select cheats and codes to enter. Here you will find all available console commands to 7 Days to Die.

admin add <player> <Level> - Make a player as Admin.
admin remove <player> - Remove a player as Admin.
admin update <player> <Level> - Change the permissions of the administrator.
ban add <player> <time> - Remove a player for a certain time from the server.
ban del <player> - Cancel the spell again.
ban list - Display the list of banned players.
buff <Effect> - Give a player a selected effect.
chunkcache (Shortcut: cc) - Display all currently cached charged chunks.
clear - Empty the console.
commandpermission add <Right> <Level> - Assign the desired level to a desired law.
commandpermission remove <Right> - Delete the desired right from the list.
commandpermission update <Right> <Level> - Adjust the level of the given law.
creativemenu (Shortcut: cm) - Enable and disable the creative menu.
debuff <Effect> - An effect is removed.
debugmenu [on/off] (Shortcut: dm) - The debut menu is opened or closed.
enablescopes (Shortcut: it) - Debugging options are open.
gameover (Shortcut: go) - A round in Deathmatch or Hardcore mode is terminated.
getgamepref (Shortcut: gg) - The settings of the current game display.
gettime (Shortcut: gt) - The current time in the game is displayed.
giveself (Object) [quality] - A desired object is thrown at a player.
giveselfxp <number> - A player is allotted experience.
help - All console commands are displayed.
kick <player> - A player will be removed from the server.

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kickallc - All players will be removed from the server.
killall - All zombies are removed from the server.
listgameobjects (Shortcut: lgo) - The number of objects is displayed.
listents (Shortcut: le) - Items are listed.
listthreads (Shortcut: lt) - Processes are listed.
listplayerids (Shortcut: lpi) - Any player's IDs is listed.
listplayers (Shortcut: lp) - All players who are online are listed.
mem - The consumption is displayed.
mod add <player> <Level> - Appoint one player to moderator.
mod remove <player> - The appointment as moderator will be canceled.
mod update <player> <Level> - Adjust the level of the moderator.
saveworld (Shortcut: sa) - The world is saved.
say - A chat message to all players is sent.
setgamepref <setting> (Shortcut: sg) - Game settings are changed.
settime <time> (Shortcut: st) - The current time in the game is changed (0 = 1).
showchunkdata (Shortcut: sc) - The data of the chunk display.
shownexthordetime - The time until the next Horde appears.
shutdown - The game is stopped.
sounddebug - The sound manager is switched.
spawnairdrop - An airplane sheds supply crates.
spawnentity (Shortcut: s) - Mob and items that can be generated are listed.
spawnentity <Player> <ID> - produce the Player Makes selected mob or Item.
spawnsupplycrate - Throw a supply box on the player from.
spawnwanderinghorde - Sends a horde to player.
starve <player> - Lets starve a player.
thirsty <player> - Can a player thirst
toggle_blood_off/on - Blood is off or on.
Version - The current version of 7 Days to Die appears
weather - The current weather statistics are displayed.
weathersurvival [on/off] - The impact on the weather is enabled or disabled.
whitelist add <player> - A player will be added to the whitelist.
whitelist remove < player> - A player is removed from the whitelist.

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