BMW ConnectedDrive - new digital bridge at a glance

Nearly every automaker now offers an app with which you can control individual functions of your vehicle. It is connected seamlessly via a cloud solution with devices like smartwatches and smart phones. Here, we introduce you to BMW ConnectedDrive.

The smartphone responds with a discreet "Ping." When getting into the BMW model, the target has already been adopted in the internal navigation system. At the destination, arrived, takes over again the Smartphone navigation from the parking lot to the final destination.

This scenario haunts for some time in the minds of car enthusiasts and manufacturers around world, but failed due to privacy concerns - once left out - it is the comprehensive integration of different devices and platforms ahead. This will provide BMW with the so-called Open Mobility Cloud, built on Microsoft Azure. In this cloud of data from different devices such as smartphone, SmartWatch flow together but also blocks of smart home and the vehicle.

Other ConnectedDrive services of BMW as BMW Remote and Classic BMW ConnectedDrive, will operate in future under the label BMW ConnectedDrive.

BMW ConnectedDrive features

- Assistance with daily mobility requirements: The app recognizes "mobility-related information" automatically. This may be about entries in the calendar or address. In addition, the app POIs accept from other apps.

- Automatic notifications when congestion or congested traffic: If there is a date and the current traffic situation prevents punctual arrival at the destination, the system automatically notifies the driver about the app. This "Time to leave-Notifications" are played back via the integrated smartphone.

- Automatic learning: The same old goals, such as the job or the place of the weekly tennis training are automatically filed under the favored destinations.

- Automatic target acquisition: Who has already entered his navigation destination on the smartphone and this then connects via Bluetooth or cable to the onboard system of compatible BMWs, the address does not have to enter it again. Just a click away.

Availability and conditions for BMW ConnectedDrive

In, Austria, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and other EU countries, BMW ConnectedDrive is available from early August. Anyone wishing to use the service requires a BMW vehicle with activated special equipment "ConnectedDrive Services". The corresponding iOS app called BMW ConnectedDrive that will be free in the Apple App Store.

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