Google Maps: Add multiple stops to your route Android / iOS

Anyone wishing to use the Google Map service for route planning with multiple stops, depended until now on the web version on PC. Now, Google has made the option available for Android and iOS devices.

Navigating with Google Maps on Android and iOS is always comfortable. Google equips its mobile mapping service again with new features.

Note: This guide is based on the Android version of Google Maps. The deviations from the iOS version are minimal. Therefore, even iPhone users can well adhere to the following steps.

- If the option described below is not available then ensure that you have the most recent version of Google Maps installed on your Android smartphone or iPhone.

- To add one or more stops, first as normal choose the start and finish of the desired route.

- Now tap on the Options icon. In the opening window you tap on "Add stop"

- Now select a desired waypoint and tap on the right list. Repeat this step option for other stops.

- You can now change via drag-and-drop functions corresponding arrangement of the stops. Use the dotted symbols of the individual stops, and move them on the vertical direction. Tap now "Finish".

- To start a route including stops you tap on the blue arrow as usual.

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