Start power, Corruption Engine locations - BO 3 Revelations

The latest DLC for the action-packed shooter Call of Duty - Black Ops 3 brings a new zombie map called Revelations where you have to turn on the power again.

Altogether there are four corruption machines that you need to override in order to turn on the power. Behind these altars are great monuments, from which there is a blue beam of light going into the sky. To activate the power, you have to interact with all of these altars. In our guide we will show you the locations of all four corruption engines.

Once you start, you’ll see the first Corruption Engine in front of you that you need to activate in order to turn on the power. The following figure shows you how this portal looks like. To activate this you need 500 points.

Once you have interacted with the altar, some small zombie guards will spawn and attack you. Survived until the portal opens behind you and go through it.

Take the stairs - just follow the red wire and open the barricade for 750 points. Above you see a terminal, in which one of the four generators is already marked green as enabled. The other three are in red.

You don’t need to go through the portal immediately, but first you can also activate all four generators or altars, because you have to do anyway, to turn on the power. The order does not matter. But why you should go through the portal first is that you can get to the Jug machine and unlock it for 2,500 points. That will boost your down rate from 3 hits to 5.

The following YouTube video shows all the locations of Corruption Engines, so you can find them easily and thus turn on the power. Once you have completed this way, as shown in the video, you will get the Achievement "Controlled Chaos."

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