ARK Survival Evolved - Fishing guide / tips

In ARK: Survival Evolved, you can start fishing from the beginning but this has always been a bit cumbersome. You used to spear your fish in the water. Now everything is much more relaxed. To craft a new fishing rod you need the following materials:

- 50x Fiber (fiber)
- 20x Thatch (straw)
- 12x Wood (wood)

By the way, you will get 15 EP if you crave the fishing rod. However, you must first unleash the bow otherwise you won’t be able to make the fishing rod.

The rod has the following values:

- Weight: 10
- Shelf life: 100
- Required level: 20
- Engram Points: 15

The Angel is classified as "Tools" in ARK. By the way, you could find them with a little luck in the Beacon boxes. Just look for yellow and red beacons.

If you have the fishing hook, then you can build a bridge or a raft on which you can fish comfortably. You also have to either sit on a wooden chair or on a wooden bench and place it close to the water station, otherwise you cannot dive into the water.

- Wooden chair: Can be unlocked from Level 10, 6 engram points
- Wooden bench : Can be unlocked from level 15, activated with 10 EP

Here is how you can catch fish in ARK using your brand-new fishing rod:

- Equip a bait.
- Take your chair or bench at the water place.
- Now you have to look into the water and look for a spot where you already see some fish. Otherwise, you can simply place your seat wherever there is a higher fish supply.
- Now select the rod and press M1 (left mouse button). So you throw the leash.
- Now it's time to wait: fish bite about 30 seconds to 2 minutes.
- If you have something to do, then you have 18 seconds to master the Quicktime event.

The Quicktime event will show you various keys in a random order. This may be W, A, S, D, Q, E, F, Z, X or C. You must press the button as soon as it appears on the screen. If you do everything right, you will find the fish and its items in your inventory. But the fishing rod tears when you have crushed and pressed a wrong button. In this case you lose the fish and also your bait. You should also never press M2 (right mouse button), because your character will then get up from the furniture and open his inventory. In doing so you break the fishing and both the fish, as well as your bait are on and off.

Things you should know:

- It depends on the size of the fish, as in the case of real fishing. The bigger your fish is in ARK, the more often you have to hit the displayed buttons at the Quicktime event.
- In the "fight" it is irrelevant how far you are from the fish.
- The higher your angel is, the better items you can get.
- You can also fish from a raft when you place a bench there. However, if another player races with the raft, then unfortunately your fishing rod tears.

There are 3 different fish that you can catch in ARK. Depending on which bait you use, you attract a certain fish. In the following table you will get all the information about the fish, their items, their meat and their favorite bait:

Sabertooth Salmon
Favorite bait Blood-red blood and resin (from the redwood tree, you still need a tree-tap / tree sap tap, which you can make in the smithy → 100x metal bars, 40x cement paste) Blood leech ( kills a leech to get its blood) Blood leech
Items Raw meat Raw meat and raw premium meat Raw meat
Breeding / taming No No No
InformationThese fish have a low health. They swim quite slowly. But if they are attacked, they are suddenly gone quickly.If one of these fish is attacked, the other fish of its kind attracts and then they attack very nimble.Piranhas are known to be very aggressive. They usually attack in a group of 4-5 fish and then grab all that is not at 3 out of the water. In close combat you have little chance. Go in the fight rather out of the water.

By the way, you can also pull other interesting items out of the water. This includes the following useful items:

- Blueprints
- Weapons
- Saddle
- Anglers gel
- Polymer
- Stone
- Wood
- Chitin
- Rare flower
- Metal Bars Obsidian
- Oil
- Fur
- Blood leech
- Animal skin
- Crystal
- Black pearl
- Silicon beads
- Rare mushrooms
- Fire


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