Conan Exiles: Craftsmanship, Slaves and battle at a glance

The video game developer Funcom has released a new gameplay footage for its upcoming Survival RPG game Conan Exiles, showing more of the crafting, some battles and the slave system.

Crafting System in Conan Exiles

The crafting system in Conan Exiles runs more or less automatically, and most of the workbenches are machines. They are filled with the basic raw materials and the final product is produced automatically after a certain time. There are also certain crafting stations, which must be run by NPCs, slaves. For example: forges who produce special weapons for you.


Anyone who leaves his settlement unattended exposes to dangers. Especially on PvP servers, more attacks will occur if other players attack your settlement. It is important to use your slaves as guards to defend your settlement during your absence. That is, you need many slaves that you will find when you graze the area. There are camps of savages to attack. You can kill the enemies in a fight, which ends pretty bloody or you try to catch the enemies.

For this purpose you beat them vigorously, bind them and drag them with a rope through the desert to your settlement where you chain them to the wheel of pain to break their will. Once that happens, you can count on their loyalty and use them for different tasks. You must also provide food for them. So you have to go hunting often. You can place the workers like objects freely in your settlement, in order to occupy, for example, tactical points on the wall.

Off to bed!

If you are defeated in a fight, you will respawn in your settlement as long as you have a bed. However, then you must return to your corpse to get your equipment back. Unless you have spare equipment that you can store in crates.

The early access phase of Conan Exiles for PC will start on January 31, 2017