Dead by Daylight Recover Your Lost Game Save

With every new update to Dead by Daylight, there is a risk that you could loose your Saved Game. Some players reported that their progress is gone after installing a new update. The developer of the Dead by Daylight, Behaviour Interactive Inc. often encounters this problem. Therefore, in this guide we show you what you can do when your Saved Game is gone. We also show you ways to prevent the problem.

Dead by Daylight: Progress Has Not Been Saved

Whoever has invested several hours in Dead by Daylight and has leveled the character would not want to loose his game progress. But this is the case when you download new updates and patches from the game. However, you should not do without the current updates. We warn you: You don’t have many options to recover your lost saved game. For this reason you should think about backup your gameplay progress.

We've picked out three choices that may help you get your Saved Game back. Keep in mind that you should restart your PC and the game before you can execute such simple task.

- The biggest problem with this bug is the cloud storage of Steam. It usually does not work properly and cannot save savegames. As soon as you start the game and the progress is gone, you should not finish Dead by Daylight. Pressing Alt + Tab and switch to Steam. Go to the settings and look for the options Steam-Cloud. Disable the save and return to the game. Finish it now. Now you can reactivate the cloud storage and reboot the game.

- This method works only moderately. Some data will probably be lost - but not all. First, look for the location for Saved games: /program files/steam/userdata/*your ID*/381210/remote/profilesaves. Click on the file to the right and select Restore previous versions. Start dead by daylight now.

- The last method is probably the easiest: Log in to the developers. Add a link to your Steam profile. The e-mail address for such requests is: [email protected]. Some players report that in some cases, the save was completely gone, but the support team can give you some blood points and leveled characters, so you don’t completely start at 0.

To prevent loss of memory, you should look at the / programfiles / steam / userdata / * your ID * / 381210 / remote / profilesaves folder and save the file here in a safe place. For example your desktop - here you can find the file quickly. There are also some third-party programs that save the game progress automatically at a different location, but the developers recommend that you do this manually and don’t assign a program to it.