Final Fantasy 15: Beat Ifrit Boss, Battle Guide and Strategies

Ifrit is one of the final bosses that you will encounter in Final Fantasy 15. If you defeat this boss on the Normal difficulty level, you will be able to unlock the Achievement The Chosen King. In our boss battle guide, we give you tips and tactics on how you can beat Ifrit and unlock the corresponding achievement.

Of course, if you want to unlock The Chosen King Achievement, you must set the difficulty level in the game options to Normal before the boss battle start. You can make this change after defeating the Behemoth King.

Note! If you miss the achievement, you can create a score after the end of the game and the ending (you will be prompted). If you load this game, spawn again before the fight against Ifrit and try again.

The main difference between Easy and Normal is that you have to heal yourself in normal difficulty. In addition, you will no longer be automatically revitalized.

The battle against Ifrit is divided into two phases, which are managed as follows:

Phase 1: Ifrit will sit on his throne while you attack him. Always use the Warp Strike to attack him and then retreat quickly. Repeat this process until his lifeline has decreased enough.

Phase 2: Ifrit rises from the throne and begins to walk around the battle arena. If he protects himself with his fire shield, you can do little harm to him. So wait until he is unprotected again and then attack him. Also try to avoid his attacks and attack him from behind. Team attacks are very useful here, but they also help warp strikes, although they don’t cause quite as much damage in the second phase. At the end of the fight, press L2 / LT to end the fight.