Solve Dummy Finger Puzzle in Resident Evil 7 demo

With the latest update for the Resident Evil 7 demo, the developer has solved one of the biggest secrets of the demo version of game and gave meaning to the dummy finger. The item, available since the original Beginning Hour release in July, has left many fans scratching their heads for months, and is now being used to release content when the final game hits stores.

However, what exactly will be unlocked has not yet been revealed. But we know that the game saved from the demo can be imported into Resident Evil 7, and that the action of the players in Beginning Hour will have relevance in the full game, which arrives on January 24, 2017.

Before get started our step-by-step guide to solve the mannequin finger puzzle, check out the official video. Be mindful, for all actions must be done in order to reach the end of the mystery:

Step 1. Trigger the lever ne*ar the fireplace, go through the passageway and get the Fuse. Use it on the panel board on the wall of the room.

Step 2. Go to the next corridor to the dirty sludge door and take the Blank Notebook on the first small table. It will point the way to the rest of the puzzle.

Step 3. Climb upstairs and trigger the staircase leading to the attic.

Step 4. Go through the door open to the frame. Collect the key next to the bed and check the puzzle on the wall on the other side. You will hear the first laugh, which will start the riddle.

Step 5. Return to the corridor after the dirty sludge door and use the key in the iron gate.

Step 6. In the basement, collect the valve on the stretcher and try to exit through the door. After the animation with Jack Baker, break it by pressing the indicated button on the screen and exit quickly without being hit by the monster.

Step 7. Go back and collect the key, hanging on a doll in a path to the right. You must also do this quickly, without being attacked by the creature.

Step 8. Return to the bedroom in the attic and collect the dummy hand next to the inscriptions on the wall. Then go down the stairs and pick up the finger on the next table. Combine the two items.

Step 9. With your finger set, point (using the magnifying glass function, when clicking on an inventory item) to the shelf dropped with the trash bags. You will hear a sound confirming the operation.

Step 10. Go through the kitchen and continue forward, collecting the cutter. Go back and use it to cut the chain from the cabinet, taking the tape.

Step 11. Climb up to the attic again and go past the open door. Reach the one that is sealed with boards, at the end of the hall to hear another laugh.

Step 12. Return to the basement and point with your finger to the corpse on the litter on the left. A firing sound will confirm the operation.

Step 13. As you exit the basement, collect the gauze next to the ladder and use it to get the Ax, in the drawer locked in the kitchen.

Step 14. On the staircase leading to the second floor, hit the ax with the head of a person with a covered head. This will cause more laughter.

Step 15. Enter the room below the stairs, where the dolls are hanging from the ceiling, and point your finger at the blocked door. Beat sounds will confirm the operation.

Step 16. Stand facing the mirror right in front of the exit and perform a quick turn (analog down and circle on the PS4 or B on Xbox One) to activate another laugh.

Step 17. Return to the attic and point, with the die, to structures on the bed. The sound of breaking objects indicates the continuity of the enigma.

Step 18. Return to the room and watch the video tape until the end. Here, it is important to perform all possible actions on it, opening all the drawers, the refrigerator and the oven, as well as unlocking the one that would originally give access to the ax. Don’t run in front of the characters and let all the dialogues go their normal course.

Step 19. Go back to the basement and near where you collected the key in a doll, you will see another, lying on the floor. Lower it over to hear another laugh. If this does not work, return and watch the video tape again, repeating the operation as many times as necessary.

Step 20. Return to the kitchen, open the pan and point with your finger at it. The latter will be heard.

Step 21. Return to the bedroom in the attic and open the door with the marks of blood, which was previously locked. Inside, you will find a coin in the rocker, which triggers the last laugh and concludes the riddle.

Step 22. Exit the window to end the demo.