Strategy for Defeating Adamantoise in Final Fantasy 15

In Final Fantasy 15, you’ll encounter several powerful bosses. One of them is the turtle like creature Adamantoise. This huge creature is very hard to get rid of due to an extremely high life-line. In this Boss guide we want to give you some useful tips on how to fight against Adamantoise. As mentioned earlier, this boss is a big turtle. This creature has a huge rock as a tank on its back.

To find such Adamantoise, you should first go to Hammerhead and complete Let Sleeping Mountains Lie quest from. Your path leads you now to Longwythe Peak. Look closely. It is not a real mountain, it is Adamantoise.

Preparing for the fight against Adamantoise

This tough boss battle requires a perfect preparation. This also means that you should take a few important items with you. This includes buffs or accessories that strengthen you and bring a boost such as:

Golden Tail Soup: You have the possibility to cook a Golden Tail Soup the evening before the fight. But you have to have a slightly higher cooking level. The soup increases the chance of critical hits and improves your regeneration ability.

Magitek Boosters: Allow your MP to drop slower during warping.

Potions, ether, elixirs: Concern yourself much for the fight. As much as possible, because the fight will take a long time that is why you will need many of these items.

Tips to defeat Adamantoise

Before you go into battle, you should study its values

Level: 99
XP: 5624400
Size: 5
HP: 40260
Strength: 223
Vitality: 325
Weaknesses: machinery and Greatswords
Immunity: light

Now we come to the fight advice:

- Keep an eye on your health during the fight and heal if necessary.

- At the start of the fight you should attack the arms of Adamantoise, as you can do much damage here.

- In the later course of the fight you should definitely focus on the eyes and the neck of the creature. Here you can quickly make about 69,000 damage.

- You should start to a great extent attacks from the air.

- Watch out for the turtle's attacks. Its size makes it slow, so you can predict well your opponent’s attacks. Dodge then best.

- You should definitely make use of your Warp attacks. Try to get the maximum out. Moreover, you can avoid particularly well by move to a small hill nearby. Heal and attack again.

- At the end you should use your Greatsword. Use no sacred damage and avoid falling damage. Instead, make short Warp jumps to land safely on the ground again.

If you manage to defeat Adamantoise, then you can expect the following loot:

- Adamantite bangle
- 50,000 Gil (If you repeat the fight, you get only 10,000 Gil)
- 99 Fire