Clash Royale: Join the Clan Chest and get Dozens of cards

The Clan's Chest is the newest addition to the Clash Royale game and come up eventually for the users of the game. In the game, you must complete the challenge to win dozens of cards, which involves getting joint crowns in common battles.

Clan Chest

The Clan's Chest, as the name suggests, requires the user to join a clan, if you are not already part of it. It is necessary to actively participate and win consecutive wins to increase the number of joint crowns.

It is a joint challenge of the whole clan, with ten chests, which need to be opened with increasing numbers of added crowns - 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, and so on. Thus, the player must participate together with his friends to achieve the goal.

Inside the clan

In the game's home menu, tap the Social option and check your clan. The Clan Chest challenge will soon be at the top of the group, indicating how many are still needed to continue with the amount and how many days left for the current trunk to be closed.

Tap the chest figure to see how many cards it will provide at that level if the challenge is not completed in time - including the number of epic and rare cards, the most powerful, that make all the difference in battles.

Winning Battles

It is worth noting: you must win the battles of the main mode of the game as the Clan Chest is filled, preferably winning the maximum number of crowns - three in each battle. If it is not possible, even with one is a valid help for the challenge.

Battles overdue in tournament modes don’t influence the Clan's Chest, so they don’t add crowns to the challenge. So it's a good time to save on green gems and deal only with the traditional battles of Clash Royale.

If you are not yet part of a clan, then go to the "Social" tab of the game and then tap the "Search" option. There, enter the name of the clan you want to enter. The ideal is to be added in clans of friends, which always helps in the search for more and more crowns and in the conclusion of challenges, so it is a good idea to ask the right name to your contacts.