Defeat Marguerite and get her lantern - Resident Evil 7

In Resident Evil 7, Mrs. Marguerite Baker lives with her husband Jack Baker in a big house. One day the family disappeared mysteriously from the viewpoint of community.

The evil has made Mrs. Baker a monster. In the Boss fight she appears to you as a kind of spider woman, with long arms, which you should take into consideration. She is very nimble because she crawls on her hands and feet and moves so fast. In addition, she can suddenly stand in front of you, for example, jumping from the ceiling: Mrs. Baker can climb up the walls and can easily overcome obstacles. In addition, she will start again and again, so you should never leave her eyes out.

Marguerite has superhuman powers that influence her speed. She also has the ability to take control of bees and spiders. When the spider woman disappears, she can summon new insects that surround you.

Tactics for the Boss Fight

You meet Marguerite first in the eastern old house, where she is still struggling in human form. She is always looking for you. You must first defeat her in her human form. Afterwards, Marguerite changes and escapes through a tunnel. You must follow her to get her lantern.

If you climb out of the well, you have to go to the old western house, where Marguerite is surprised by a staircase and climbs through a window into the house - this is the starting shot for the fight.

These weapons you should carry with you:

- Knife or gun for insects
- Flamethrower you assemble in the old house to fight the insects
- A grenade

Go up, up the remaining steps. Here the fight against the spider woman will take place. Burn the spiders on the objects. When Marguerite arrives a few times, she first escapes through the holes in the walls and calls her insects to take care of you. If you are attacking big insects, then you should attack them with the knife or shoot them with the pistol. The flames would take too much time.

Ideally, always try to find Marguerite before she finds you. Stay constantly moving, so as not to be an easy target.

You must look Marguerite under the skirt - yes, you read correctly. On your body is a conspicuous mesh which should be your target in shooting.

Marguerite should crawl around on the ceiling, shoot at her with the grenade or with the flasher, so that she falls. She will then probably land on her back, so you can continue to shoot her well at this moment as she is lying on her back like a defenseless beetle and struggles with arms and legs.

If Marguerite gets too close to you, then something goes back to gain distance and fire her without a break with your flamethrower to defeat her.

The boss fight against Marguerite is a bit difficult. However, in the end you get her lantern with which she always invoked the insects. The lantern you then have to bring back to the eastern old house to hang it on the scales.