Dragon Quest 8 - best weapons and their locations - N3DS

In Dragon Quest 8 Journey of the Cursed King, you’ll find a huge selection of weapons with different attack strengths and that also makes up almost all the criteria, which can make the best weapon in the game. Since the amount of weapons is really big, we have decided to describe the five best and strongest weapons and their locations to each character Angelo, Jessica, Yangus and your hero.

Of course, it depends on your playing style, whether our tips would actually represent the best weapons for you. Nevertheless, we want to give you our favorites, so that you can test them and be great or less great.

The best weapons for Angelo

When Angelo’s parents died, he went to an abbey to the Templars. His half-brother Marcello is also there. During your travels together, you'll find that Angelo likes to play cards and get a little too much time to drink. But his weapons are very effective. The following table shows you our selection of weapons for Angelo (AP stands for alchemy pot).

The Best Weapons for Angelo
Odin's Bow: This bow is the strongest weapon Angelo can wear. At least as far as the attack values ​​are concerned Upgraded AP recipe: Eros Bow, Cheiron's Bow and the Great Bow No
Shamshir of Light: This sword is the strongest in its category Equipped AP recipe: rune bar, light shield, shimmering dress No
Hell saber: A very powerful saber that can only be found. In order to find the saber, you have to look for a house at night in Argonia. In it is a mirror that shines and through it you must go through. No
Longbow: The second strongest bow for Angelo. You can buy the longbow in the Triangle Valley. No
Mercury's rapier: A good and fast weaponYou can buy this weapon in Dark Empycchu AP Recipe: Fallen Angel Rapier + Mercury's Bandana x2.Increases agility by 20 points when equipped.

The best weapons for Jessica

Jessica Albert is a magician, who came from a rich family but doesn't agree with the attitudes. She prefers to travel and support your heroes with her magic. She uses very typical weapons like sticks, but also whips. Below we list the five that we liked best.

The Best Weapons for Jessica
Gringham Whip: The strongest whip for Jessica. Go to the casino for baccarat. Farm a lot of chips, which you can exchange for the whip. Hit all enemies.
Liquid Metal Sword: Can also be worn by Angelo and the hero. Equipped AP: Rusty Old Sword, a Slime Crown and an Orichalcum Can cause 2 LP damage to metal Slime
Scourge Whip: Not as strong as the Gringham Whip, but a good alternative... Standard AP: Demon Whip, Sacred Heart. No
Uber Miracle: Can also be used by the hero. Standard AP: Miracle sword and + Life bracer. Heals LP about a quarter of the damage you inflict on your opponent.
BlizzardBlade: Can also be used by the hero.In Tryan Gully or the upgraded AP:Bastard Sword + Icicle Dirk + Cold CheeseCauses additional ice damage.

The best weapons for Yangus

Yangus is a loyal friend and companion to your hero. Since the hero Yangus saved the life, he remains bravely at his side. Yangus fights with axes and hammers and there are some good ones. The following table shows you the strongest weapons for Yangus and tells you how to get them.

The Best Weapons for Yangus
Flail of Destruction: The most powerful weapon for Yangus.

Go to Princess Minnie's Castle and get her the flail in exchange for medals. Hit all enemies.
Heavy Hatchet: A very strong scythe You can buy the Heavy Hatchet in Triangle Valley. No
Megaton Hammer: A massive and powerful hammer. Improved AP: Conqueror's Axe + Uber War Hammer + Orichalcum. Remember, you sacrifice the best axe in the game and not replace it. 14% on critical hits.
Conqueror's Axe: The best axe in Dragon Quest 8. Go to the Hill of Wind, next to Rydon's Tower. For this you will need the god-bird-stone. No.
Flail of Fury: A good alternative to the other weapons.This weapon you get from the red.Hit all enemies

The best weapons for your heroes

Whether swords, spears, or perhaps a boomerang? Your hero can carry some weapons. But not all are the best and therefore we show you our favorites for the main character. This is, by the way, a former guardian of the king, who can also deal with spells. If you do not just rely on the magic, try the following weapons. Heavy Hatchet: A very strong scythe.

The Best Weapons for Your Heroes
Dragovian King Sword: The best weapon for your hero.

Standard AP: Dragovian Sword and the Liquid Metal Sword -
Metal King Spear: A really excellent spear, but only available after the mainstory. Go to the Dragovian Path and search the chests on the path. Guarantee damage against metal slime.
Liquid Metal Sword: Can also be worn by Angelo and Jessica. AP recipe: Rusty Old Sword, Slime Crown and Orichalcum Can cause 2 LP damage to metal mats.
Dragon Slayer: Very strong, but not the strongest. Defeat the dragon in the Dragovian trail -
Hero Spear: A good alternative when the other weapons seem unattainable.Complete in the Monster Arena Class A.Heals LP about a quarter of the damage you inflict on your opponent.