Find Mia, strategies to defeat Lost Wife in Resident Evil 7

In Resident Evil 7, you will not only come across opponents from the Baker family but there are also the Molded, which appear from the dark surrounding the house. But also hordes of insects will make your life difficult for you. If you apply the right tactic, then it is not a problem for you. In this guide, we will show you some strategies and tactics with which you can kill Mia without sacrificing yourself. But can you save your wife?

After you collect the handgun in the game, the first boss fight is waiting for you. But first you have to work your way through the house and to the upper floor. Take the stairs. In a room to the left of you will find the handgun, which is on a table. A bit further and also on a table you’ll find the right ammunition. Now go on to get to the attic. In another room, you can find more ammo, which you should also take with you.

Mia with a chainsaw jumps out of a hatch that leads to the upper floor and can be reached with a ladder. As soon as you stand in front of the ladder, you hear the first threatening noises. Now go right back, so that Mia does not jump on you. Now the boss fight begins:

- Face the ladder opposite to the other side of the room and shoot at Mia as soon as she kneels on the ground or as soon as she appears. Don’t step back. This was also our mistake the first time. As soon as you turn her back, she will have deployed her chainsaw.

- Aim at her head and always keep enough distance to her and her chainsaw.

- First use the dolls and the pillars in the room as protection. Mia will saw the dolls, but this is better than you.

- Since Mia is quite fast, you should always look for the other corner of the room and gain distance. So keep moving, so she has no chance to catch you with the chainsaw.

- When you shoot at Mia's head, you gain time as your body springs back at a hit, then you can move away again.

Never let Mia get on strike, this can be the end for you and for the boss fight. You should carry enough ammunition with you, especially if you are not so good at shooting and aiming. It takes about 8 to 10 headshots to defeat Mia if you have chosen Normal.

Background: What happened to Mia Winters?

Ethan Winters and Mia Winters are married couple. Ethan is the main protagonist of Resident Evil 7. He only made his way to the Baker estate because of his beloved Mia, because his deadly, mysteriously lost woman called him out of the hereafter. Shortly before her disappearance, Mia Winters had worked as a child girl on the Baker 's estate.

Ethan is a normal man, he is not a hero, but he loves his wife and he wants her back. That is why, after his wife's strange call, he makes his way to Louisiana, where his research leads him to Dulvey, more precisely to the Dulvey Haunted House. This is the accursed property of the Bakers that Ethan is now entering.

From then on a hellish trip begins. How could Mia survive here all the time? What did she do? Mia breathes a painful I love you to Ethan as soon as she dies. Unfortunately, Ethan has to kill his own wife. But then there are still so many questions left open ... What happened to Mia? Does she really have to die or was it just an illusion?