Paladins: card system and deck building guide / tips

In Paladins, you will find two kinds of cards that you can use to adapt your champions and abilities. There are champion cards that are personalized to the various champions, and Burn cards available to every champion in Paladins.

Deck Building With Champion Cards

Each champion has a choice of special cards available, which you can arrange to form a deck consisting of five cards. Once you start your Paladins, each of the Champs already has a standard deck, with which you are directly ready to go into the battle.

You get new cards by creating them with Crystals or Gold. They also appear in loot boxes that you deserve while playing.

Use The Deck To Pay Off For The Weaknesses Of Your Team

Which card combination is most useful depends heavily on your team composition. There are a total of 6 slots available, which you can deck with decks in the Champion menu. You should build a deck for each possible situation, which you select before the respective matches.

Your team has not had enough offensive / damage and you are playing the support heroine Ying. Have a deck ready that will give you extra damage to assist your team not only in healing.

Build the Deck According To Your Personal Preferences

The cards also give you the opportunity to enhance your individual style. If you like to play Flanker in Sky and want to fall behind the enemy frontline and turn the opposing champions from behind? Then build a deck with movement speed.

Or if you rather play the Assassin out of the shadows, unobserved then select cards that improve your camouflage skills. This allows you to build your own strengths and preferences for each champion and to support your team with your personal style.

This is How The Champion Cards Are Built

The cards all come with a value. A complete deck can cost up to 12 points. The more expensive the cards, the stronger they are and will often be the core of your build. The abilities of the cards are all passive and run unnoticed in the background. You don’t have to activate them during the match.

The Cards Are Designed In This Way:

- Rarity: On top of the map is a crystal, which determines the rarity of the map. There are four different levels of rarity: Common (Green), Rare (Blue), Epic (Purple) and Legendary (Gold)

- Active: The Active modifies either a weapon or an ability of your Champion.

- Cooldown: The number at the bottom right shows the distance the card can be activated. Activation is automatic.

- Ability Modifier: This is how the card adapts to the Champion.

- Cost: The number at the bottom left represents the cost and rank (I, II, III, IV) of the card. The higher the cost, the stronger the card.

Paladins: Decks Import From Top Players

If you are not interested in creating decks, it is also possible to import / copy decks from other players. This can help you to understand the composition of working decks better and above all be a relief to you.

If you click on Create Deck you have the possibility to import a deck. The options are available for this: Browse Leaderboard, Browse friends and Search by name

On the top of the list you will find the decks of the top Paladins players, which you can simply copy. Provided you have the cards from the decks already. The main deck of the best Paladins players are often called Main Loadouts.

Paladins: Deck-Building With Burn-Cards

In Paladins, at the beginning of each match you decide for a champ that is no longer similar. Burn cards are able to customize your champ during the match situation. While playing, you will receive credits to unlock the burn cards in the base.

Each player and champion have the same burn cards. They are your opportunity to counter the other team strategically and actively.

Burn cards are divided into four categories: Defense, Utility, Healing and Offense

You can buy a total of three burn cards at the beginning of the match. You can only unlock one card from the category. Unlocked cards can be upgraded up to three times, also through credits earned. Once a card is unlocked, it remains the same and cannot be exchanged by another. At the end of the match, they fall back and a new match means for you to put together a new set of burn cards.

Burn cards can reduce the healing of your opponents, increase your movement speed, or damage your attacking shields.

The right use of the cards and a variety of decks will stand you apart from your opponents. It is certainly possible to learn paladins and the necessary mechanics and become a good player. However, if you want to master the game, you have to deal with the cards. Try out different builds and see what impact this has on your champion.