Resident Evil 7: Increase inventory size / backpack locations

In Resident Evil 7, you will often encounter space problems. For this reason you should get the backpack upgrades early in the game so you don’t have to run all the time to object boxes to empty your full inventory. Once you've picked up the first camping backpack, you'll also get the achievement or trophy “In the Bag”.

In order to make the search not too difficult, we show you in the following all locations of the inventory upgrades.

Upgrade - 1: Old House

The first backpack upgrade you will find in the storage room in the Old House. Here you can go, if you should produce the serum in the course of the action. Run to the room with the shadow puzzle, which you have solved in the Mia-Video cassette and then go out on the bridge. Turn left and go to the small house with the cassette recorder. The camping backpack is right next to it. The following video will help you in the search

Upgrade - 2: Main House / Storeroom

Follow the story until you get the snake key. Then go back to the main house and to the first floor. Here you can now open the bedroom of the parents with the snake key. Go one more room into the storeroom, where you will find the next backpack upgrade directly on the shelf in front of you.

Upgrade - 2: Wrecked Ship

You will find the last backpack upgrade on the wrecked ship. When you get here for the first time, you come to a door that needs a fuse. Opposite, you'll find another locked door, behind which is the inventory upgrade. But keep following the story until you get the etch. With this you can open the locked door and upgrade your inventory to the maximum size.