Resident Evil 7: Unlock all good and bad endings

In Resident Evil 7, you will encounter two alternate endings that you pick before the beginning of the last section. After this decision, the game takes different direction and goes through a similar yet dramatically different story.

After you have survived the fight against Jack, you stumble upon Zoe Baker. She opens the gate and unexpectedly Jack appears again and you have to give him the serum. Now you have only one serum, but now you have to decide between two people. If you decide to give serum for Zoe and leave your wife Mia, you will learn more about your wife’s story. If you decide for Mia, you get the good ending.

If you give saving serum to Zoe, she tells you that Eveline came together with Mia and your wife has deprived you of the truth. If you choose Mia, she will tell you only a part of the truth, or you will learn from the father of the Baker family that Eveline was found alone in a boat. However, it is clear in both decisions that Eveline is the origin of evil. She gave the family her gift, which made her the creepy monster that you fought over the whole game.

The Good Ending

If you have chosen Mia, she will accompany you in the small boat. You can tell from her that she cannot remember what Eveline did with the Baker family and how the terrible consequences came. When you get to the big ship that Eveline came from, Jack Baker is found, the ship is attacked by a dark creature (Eveline) and Ethan is thrown from the board. You wake up as Mia and find lifeless Ethan lying on the ground. He is dragged away by Eveline and Mia fights her way through the ship in search of her husband. After a look back with Jack Baker, Ethan awakens in a kind of cocoon, and Mia pushes him an ampule into his hand, then pushes him out of the room, lock the door, and we don’t know what's going to happen to her.

Since Eveline is the key to all suffering, Mia can be saved after Eveline has been killed and Ethan is saved along with his wife.

The Bad Ending

Zoe tells you during the ride in the boat that Mia arrived with Eveline together with a huge boat when Jack Baker found her. Ethan suggests that he and Zoe investigate the boat together to put an end to the matter. Zoe, on the other hand, decides to be killed by Eveline. Once again, Eveline appears in the form of a dark creature hurling Ethan out of the boat. Then, from the perspective of Mia, you play the normal end. After looking back with Jack Baker, Ethan awakens in a kind of cocoon and Mia tries to send him away, but Eveline takes control of her and Ethan and his wife fight. Mia is killed and lost. The story has no happy ending for the couple.