XCOM 2 Long War 2: download, installation and details

Long War 2, the new mode for XCOM 2 brings massive new content for the tactics game and gives you new units, missions and equipment. The turn-based tactics game lives very much of its mod support. In a separate article, we have already presented you the best mods in XCOM 2. Mod developer Pavonis Interactive (formerly Long War Studios) has been particularly successful and has now released the most extensive mode of Long War 2 for XCOM 2. In this guide, we will show you where you can download and install Long War 2 and give you an overview of all changes.

Download and Installation

You can download Long War 2 for the PC completely free but of course you have to have the main game XCOM 2. Unfortunately, you cannot use the mod for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Note! Deactivate all other mods before the start of Long War 2. Also the Pavonis Interactive itself (SMGPack, AlienPack, LeaderPack, Toolbox, PerkPack and LaserPack). These are already included in Long War 2 and should be deactivated.

What’s New in Long War 2

With the "Mod", a completely new class of soldiers will find their way in XCOM 2. This has an extended slot for heavy weapons and can fully fire several rocket explosions firing at the enemies.
As a new weapon you can explore the "Coilgun". This is more powerful than other magnetic weapons, but not as strong as the plasma guns.

Eight New Types of Mission

- Jailbreak: You have to break into an Advent prison and free members of the Resistance. This will then increase the strength of the Resistance in this region upon successful completion.

- Invasion: Advent tries to recapture one of you liberated region. You have to defend the city center, destroy and kill all enemy forces.

- Haven Defense: Variant of the retaliation missions. You must defend Advent forces until the Skyranger is ready for evacuation.

- Rendezvous: Among the members of the Resistance is a faceless man. You must unmask him and take him.

- Advent Base Assault: You must take a well-defended military base from Advent.

- Advent Supply Raid: Defense of a supply convoy against attacks by Advent.

- Advent Intel Raid: You have to rush to defend a resistance outpost.

- Advent Recruiting Raid: A recruiting command is attacked by Advent. You must evacuate the Resistance members.

More Tactical Possibilities and Increased Difficulty

Through the Mod the world map of XCOM 2 is bigger and gains also playful meaning. So you can now manage the Resistance individually in each region and assign the rebels each three different tasks. This includes collecting supplies, recruiting rebels, or gathering information about new missions.

In addition, you can assign regions to consultants, thus defining key points for which there are special bonuses. Rebels can die in the regions during missions or turn out to be spies of Advent. This change in the micromanagement also increases the difficulty of the game.