Berserk and the Band of the Hawk Level Up Fast / Strategy Guide

In Berserk and the Band of the Hawk, you can start with the story mode and once you have completed the first mission you’ll be able to unlock the free mode and Endless Eclipse mode. In free mode, you can play individual battles. The Endless Eclipse mode sends you into dark dungeon, where you have to face opponent minions to enter the depths and complete new layer.

The basic control is very simple. We have only tested the PS4 version, but the game also supports a controller control on the PC and you should use this possibility. The following list gives you the necessary keys.

Rectangle - Normal Attacks
Triangle - Strong attacks
X - Fast step
L1 - Block and camera reset
Circle - Resolves Frenzy Mode and Death Blow Attack
R3 - Sighting
Options - This button is useful as you can read the messages you get during the battle, and also get information about the characters' positions and their vitality.

If you combine the normal attacks with the strong ones, your combo attacks trigger. It is a series of attacks that are completed with a strong attack. These are particularly worthwhile in some places.

The fight in the game is actually quite simple. Our tips will be important when you are in the case of special opponents who are much stronger than the masses. You recognize them by the fact that their names or functions are displayed above their heads within the army. But here too, there are differences. Some of these enemies are simple leaders, lieutenants, or officers. They are stronger than the masses, but they are by no means as powerful as final bosses at the end of a mission or chapter.

For the stronger enemies, you will not be successful if you attack them with light attacks instead of using strong attacks. In the controls of the individual characters you will see the combos you can perform with these heroes. To begin with, we recommend you the two combinations of square-square-triangle and square-square-square-triangle.

In the first combination, you shoot an opponent and hurl him in the crowd, which also causes great damage. This attack is worthwhile with stronger opponents, which in the end also get a little shaky. You cannot impale much stronger enemies. The second combination ends with a vertebrate attack, which spreads a large area of damage and hurls and kills the opponent. You should remember this:

- Level Guts and the other unlockable characters properly, then you will be freed faster and stronger attacks.

Quick level up tips

- If you fight against bosses or named enemies, then you must definitely target them. Otherwise, they will always submerge in the masses and lose. With the right stick, you can switch between the targeted opponents. However, keep in mind that sometimes you will also need distance and therefore have to cancel the targeting. If you want to run away a piece to heal or orient yourself, the control will always pull your picture to the targeted opponent.

- Use the fast pace to avoid enemy attacks. Especially with strong, heavy and slow opponents it will bring you great advantages, because they will never be as fast with their attacks as you with your evasive steps.

- If you have properly weakened the opponents, don’t waste your strokes on the remaining ones. Better leave a piece and let the enemies follow you, so that they form a larger group again. Then use them again as usual with your combos.

- Combos have yet another advantage because the bigger they are, the faster your health bar will fill for Frenzy Gauge. If this bar is full, you trigger Frenzy Mode. This means that the damage you deal with in battle is much greater, whereas you don’t lose any vitality.

- You can also use the Frenzy Mode if you have almost lost the vitality in the fight against a powerful opponent and he simply leaves you no chance to heal you. Activate the Frenzy Mode and search for safe place so that you can take a healing item in peace. This is one of the tips you should not apply too often, because actually this mode is used to make your opponents quickly flatten. But consider the hint as a sort of emergency solution.

- By the way: The number you see to the right of your Frenzy Mode bar shows you the level of the Frenzy attack. Depending on how high the level of your character is, can be even a five times. The higher the level next to the bar, the stronger your fighting skills will be in the triggered Frenzy fashion. Sometimes it is worth filling the bar more than once.

- The enemies that you kill in the Frenzy Mode leave behind lost souls on the battlefield. Collect this to make sure you can fill the Death Blow Gauge. To see how far it is filled, you can see the jagged icon to the left of your life and frenzy mode bar. If this icon is full of souls, then you can use Death Blow attacks. If you split your opponents in Frenzy Mode or fling through the area, "Obliteration" appears. This means as much as extinction or destruction and lets the defeated opponent drop more lost souls that fill the Death Blow Gauge faster.

- Death Blow attacks are powerful attacks that add a lot of damage to your enemies. You unlock it during the Frenzy Modes with the same button as Frenzy Mode. If you run your Death Blow attack and the Frenzy mode bar is not empty, the Frenzy Mode will not be aborted, but until the bar is completely empty. It is important in the Death Blow attacks that you don’t shoot them into space. Before you trigger them, you need to position yourself and make sure that you target many and above all the strong opponents.

- During the battles, you will encounter bright crates containing treasures such as money or healing items. As long as you are in this area, you should also pick up these chests if you need a vital thrust. Especially in the high difficulty levels, item such as gold is worth. So, if you want to regenerate your health, first hunt for a chest and collect its contents. If you are lucky, it is vitality. If not, you can still use a healing item from the inventory.

Fast Leveling Your Berserk and the Band of the Hawk Character

When you defeat enemies and complete missions, you will be rewarded with experience points. As the level of your character increases, the vitality is regenerated, which can also be useful in combat. Every few steps increase your action level and thus unlock new attacks. So it is worthwhileto quickly level your characters.

A good trick here is to play Endless Eclipse with the character you want to level. This sends you through numerous layers, where you have to set hordes of monsters and complete certain missions. For example if you are playing the first five layers in Story mode, you will be able to climb about six levels and you can start the second fight much more prepared in story mode.