Best and worst weapons in Resident Evil 7

Just like the previous installment in the Resident Evil game series, RE 7 is not very weapon friendly and for most of the game you’ll be in bad shape if you don’t know how to use the resources available in the Bakers' property. Check out our guide with all the weapons and the best strategies to use each of them.


This melee weapon you’ll find early in the game and can be used in the first fight against Mia. Don’t worry about wear, just keep your distance and use quick blows to attack and unbalance your enemies’ attacks. Also don’t forget to use the defense button to protect against her attack.

Folding Pocket Knife

Obtained as part of a mandatory event in history, the pocketknife may even accompany the player throughout the adventure, but it is not very effective against enemies. Use it just to break boxes and find resources to save on ammo.

Handgun G17

Since it is collected in the body of the police officer, early in the game, the G17 pistol will be your great companion. Although weak, it will be essential to face the first group of Molded enemies appear in the game, and also during battles against bosses. Always target at the enemies’ heads and calm yourself in the shots to maximize your firepower.

Handgun M19

You’ll find this weapon at the beginning of the game, during the fight against Mia. The M19 can get once you arrive at Zoe's trailer, using a repair kit found nearby. This weapon is stronger than Ethan's common weapon and is particularly effective with the use of improved ammunition. You can kill many molds with a single, accurate shot in the head. So, after getting it, spend the remaining ammunition on your G17.

Handgun MPM

This weapon you’ll find on the ship at the end of the game, playing with Zoe, this is the weakest handgun in the game, but for some time, it will be your only alternative against the enemies of the place. With it, use the same tactic as the G17: Target at the head and save ammo whenever possible, until you get the best and most powerful machine gun.

Shotgun M37

One of the strongest weapons in the game, the shotgun is found in the living room of the Bakers mansion, after Ethan solve a puzzle with replacement by a broken version. Up close, she is able to kill many molded enemies with a single shot, which is a great alternative for the tensest moments.

If the player knows how to conserve ammunition throughout the game, there will be no difficulty in the rest of the game with an M37 pistol, which is also a great weapon against bosses. Be aware of the loading time, which is greater because each projectile needs to be placed individually on the weapon.


This weapon is exclusive of one of the battles against Jack Baker, after the player obtains the last dog head to open the main door of the mansion. This weapon is able to repel the enemy's attacks and tear them apart quickly, as long as the player can get close.

Watch for the indicator light, because when it starts flashing, it means the gun is about to shut down. When this happens, move away, turn on the chainsaw and re-attack with the combination of sight and attack buttons.

Shotgun M21

One of the most powerful weapons in the game, the M21 is obtained when using the shotgun repair kit used to solve the puzzle in the living room of the Bakers mansion. The player can replace the M37 by its broken version, obtaining the new weapon, or waiting for later moments, when a wooden shotgun model is obtained and serves the same purpose.

Despite all its firepower, the M21 comes with the setback of only holding two cartridges at a time. Although it has a recharge time less than the M37, you have to be careful when firing to avoid running out of ammunition when facing the enemy.


Found in the flooded house, this makeshift weapon is quite useful in fighting insects and in the battle against Marguerite. Swarms are vulnerable to flames, as well as hives, and one of them must be destroyed to get access to an area essential for the continuation of history.

Although it can be used against any other type of enemy, the Burner is recommended only in encounters with Marguerite. Then it can be left in the trunk, along with ammunition, serving only as an aid to better equipment that comes in the second half of the game.

Grenade Launcher

One of the most classic weapons in the series appears again in Resident Evil 7. This weapon can be found in Lucas's room, after obtaining the Crow Key, this weapon is very effective in fighting against Jack Baker. Since there you need to hit the enemy's eye accurately, the area damage caused by the explosion as well as the resulting fire is quite effective for those who are not very good at shooting.

Also, for the same reasons, the grenade launcher is very useful during the final moments of the game, when Eveline sends several enemies at the same time to prevent the advance of Ethan. The ammunition is not plentiful, so think carefully before you shoot and seize opportunities.

Machine Gun P19

Obtained in the final stretch of the game, when playing with Mia, the machine gun can be seen as the player's revenge against the enemies. While the game required bullet-saving up till now, this weapon represents the opposite with high firepower.

Although obligatory during the tape that brings the memories of the character, it can be forgotten in the main game as it is obtained in the captain's cabin. Make sure you get it, because it will be great help from here until the end of the game, being effective even against the final boss.

Magnum Handgun M44

Without a doubt, the most powerful weapon in Resident Evil 7. A classic of the franchise, this powerful handgun can be purchased with 9 old coins, found throughout the game. However, all the power accompanies an extreme scarcity of ammunition, and great difficulty in use due to the force of its shots.

It is perfectly possible to end the game without it. Use it mainly against the transformed version of Jack Baker - one shot is enough to blow each of the monster's eyes - or in the final battle, since few shots are able to prevent Eveline's advance.

Hunting Knife

This weapon can be found towards the end of the game, this weapon is stronger than Ethan's pocketknife, but equally useless. On the ship, we are at a time where the game gives us more ammunition, and so it is not necessary to take care to save money. Continue to use the item only to open boxes.

Remote Bombs

Explosives can be placed either on the ground, creating traps for enemies, or glued to them (which also ensures an achievement for the player). The weapon appears towards the end of Resident Evil 7. Use it against the common Molded enemies, since it is not possible to approach the final boss of the game for it to be effective.

The remote bombs will even be your best friends in one of the last battles of the game, when Eveline sends groups of enemies to prevent the advance of Ethan.

Albert 01R Gun

Special pistol obtained when finishing the game in any time or difficulty, is a replica of the powerful weapon used by Ethan at the end of the game. It is also the most powerful handgun of Resident Evil 7, especially when combined with improved ammunition, being able to pluck the head of the molded enemy with just one shot. However, it only holds three bullets at a time, which requires extra care in fighting large groups of opponents.

Circular Saw

Obtained after the player finishes the complete game in less than four hours, this weapon with infinite ammo is effective against virtually all types of enemies, being able to do away with them quickly. Next to the x-ray glasses, the weapon can be of great help in hospice mode, where there is little ammunition and more resistant enemies.