Conan Exiles: Final Ver. might come out sooner than expected

In a press statement, the developer Funcom says the Full and Final release of Conan Exiles is to be done in 2017. Conan Exiles is not expected to stay in Early Access for more than a year.

This is likely to prevent the bad status of early access as a precaution. Some of the most famous early access titles hang around there forever.

These are the next steps for the PC version

The developer also provides a list of features that are currently being worked on:

- A Trebuchet: Siege systems to bomb enemies and their fortresses. The trebuchet will be difficult to manufacture and transport. If it is built up, it should be well protected. This is a rewarding goal for opponents.

- The Dye System: The developer works on a system to dye clothes and armor in Conan Exiles. Players will be able to win color pigments from different resources. Garments can then be dyed. This helps clans to recognize each other in the heat of the battle.

- Thrall Animations: At the moment, the enslaved servants’ bodies have no animations when they follow their craftwork. The developers are working on animations for these thralls, so you will be able to see them performing their craft. 

In addition, Funcom wants to incorporate new features that improve AI, bring bug fixes, and generally introduce a lot of new game content to creatures, body, craft and story.

When it comes to PS4 and Xbox One?

Conan Exiles is currently available on the PC in early access. In the spring, it will appear for the Xbox One and then for the PS4 will release with the complete launch.