Digimon World Next Order level up fast, Tamer / Training Guide

In Digimon World: Next Order, you can catch and train Digimon. With the training you can improve the status of your companions. If you train them effectively, they will also develop further but don’t let the Digimon exhaust and overstretch.

Tamer Level Vs. Digimon Level

First, it is important to know that the tamer and the two digimons have different ways to level. So you have to do different things to level quickly and effectively. If you train your Digimon you will not increase your Tamer Level but the Level of Digimon. Where we are grad level: Digimon do not have any. It only improves the status values. If you have your two companions fulfilled the respective requirements, then they digivolve and become much stronger.

In the game, you will understand that it is much easier to increase your Tamer Level. For this reason you should focus on your monsters right from the start. Otherwise you will find yourself again in a difficult battle, which your Digimon cannot survive. Increase your Trainer Level, get Tamer Points. Then invest them in abilities that will give you and your Digimon advantages.

Tips for Training your Digimon Quickly and Effectively

Of course, you often have to stay in the training room. Because training is the best way to quickly build your Digimon. Although the fight also raises the base values of your monsters, but so small that this option does not really matter.

If your companion has a lower level, the values increase faster. So if you're targeted, a Digimon will die more often, and your Tamer Level is high enough you can make even more improvements with each workout.

More Tips On How To Level Your Digimon Faster:

- Look at the tamer abilities that you can unlock. Some of them also offer bonuses for your Digimon and help with exercising. Thus the ability to exhaustion can help you train even longer - while power trainers increase the effectiveness of the training values.

- Pay attention to the tiredness and other characteristics of your Digimon. If you neglect this, the workout is less effective. This also affects digivolve.

- In addition, you can apply a multiplier on your training success. This makes you the special roulette possible. After you have selected an action in the training room, the display appears. If you land on the bonus field, you get a multiplier of 1.25, which is counted on your achievement. Before selecting a unit, you can see if there is a bonus field. If you combine the effect, you can achieve more success.

- The bonus can also be triggered if you give your Digimon certain foods to eat. This food bonus field also improves the workout. To improve the training effect, you should recruit Togemon and Kuwagamon. So you get a Ginseng daily until 4 pm and from 4 pm a Sakuravogel radish.

- If you are still recruiting Veemon, you can employ him as an architect in float. He improves your buildings, like the training room. However, the success of the training is only increased for one season. If you still defeat Kabuterimon on the old cable channel, you can upgrade the devices in the training room in exchange for 10,000 bits. However, this is only the first stage of many. Another upgrade costs 50,000 bits. However, after that it is still not concluded.

While the Digimon can only expect minor improvements to the basal values in the battle, you will gain a lot of experience as a tamer. If you have already trained strong monsters, you should fight against weaker opponents. This brings you about 10 to 20 XP each time. If you face strong enemies, you can get 100 experience points. Also note the following tips:

- During the main story, countless side quests await you. This will give you a lot of experience during the game. Side Quests are recognized by the blue symbols, while the main quests are gold.

- Also the Digimon brings you XP. There will be no display, but you will notice it and you can quickly climb up the Tamer level.

Training is the key to quickly improve your Digimon. In the beginning, you should not fall into harsh battles, since there is the danger that your monsters are seriously injured. Later, battles become important as soon as you want to get bits and items. However, using them to gain experience points or improve values is tedious and can take a long time.