Ghost Recon Wildlands: useful tips and strategies

The Open Beta for Ghost Recon Wildlands is now live. While the first region introduces you to the game so that you can become familiar with the controls and the gameplay, the second region will be a little more challenging. You will probably not be able to transfer the progress to the main game, but you can use our tips and strategies later.

- With the tactics map you will have a good overview of the missions and keep them and important places in a good overview. So check regularly, because the more missions you complete, the more difficult tasks you unlock in the region. In addition, you will be told what the reward is after the completion of the tasks.

- Also look out for green dots. These will show you replenishment deliveries. So if you need new ammunition or healing, you will get it here. If you are close to these boxes, they will be marked on the map, but if you speak with the inhabitants, they will reveal to you other possible locations. By the way, the map is also important because you can also see skill upgrades and weapon here.

- If you spot violet points on the map, you know that there are very strong opponents at this point. Their weapons and armor are much more effective than those of normal enemies. In these areas, you should be particularly cautious and explore them before you attack.

- The yellow houses on your map are important. These are collection points, which you have to take. Be careful and use the tips we give you here. Once you have taken these items, you can use them to travel quickly.

- The Ghost Recon Wildlands mission can be shared with your friends. Luckily, you can join at any time, so you don’t always have to be on the same level. If you like to play alone and have trouble with a mission, then you can get up to three players and the problem is solved. The principle is similar to that of Tom Clancy's The Division.

- It will definitely be useful to take friends to support you because you sometimes have to interact with objects and thus be delivered to the enemies. They can surprise you pretty quickly. So, if you play the game alone, always pay attention to your environment at such moments, and be prepared to be encircled. Of course, this also depends on the difficulty level on which you play.

- You will have to deal with many enemies, so don’t just get into the fight. First reconnaissance, then tactical planning and then attack.

- If you are more interested in melee, then the drone is your best friend as well, because it marks opponents for you. Sneaking is generally one of the most essential tips to Ghost Recon Wildlands. Use the bushes and other hiding places, not to attract attention and also pay attention to the sound. The opponents have a good hearing. By the way, you should not approach the opposing fighters too close to the drone, because when they notice this, it is over with "sneaky".

- What makes the game clear is a muffler. As usual, the damage you cast is reduced, but it is really easier to get to your goal if you are not discovered. Noise attracts the opponents and it is also not easy to escape them again.