Nioh - Reset Skill Points and Attributes guide

In Nioh, resetting attribute points works only on the Reincarnation Book item. By using, your level is completely reset and you can redistribute all your Amrita to your eight attributes again. Where you get the book of reincarnation and what things you have to look out for, we will show you in our guide below:

Reset Attributes with the Book of Reincarnation

If you are unhappy with your skill or you want to try new game modes, then you can reset your points and redistribute them as long as you have the necessary Amrita, in-game currency. The following steps are necessary.

- If you are on the world map, select the "Weapon smith".

- In the next menu, select the first item "Buy and Sell".

- Then go to "Buy" and select the "Objects" tab in the goods offer.

- Here you can find the unique object "Book of Reincarnation". This costs you 10.000 coins on the first purchase. However, with each additional purchase, the price increases (10k - 30k - 100k - 300k and 1 million).

- Then leave the weapon forge and select the lowest point "Camp" on the world map.

- Here you can access your inventory and find the book of reincarnation among the usable objects.

- Use the book, again pointing out your level and skills are reset.

- On the world map you can now select the shrine and re-distribute your skill points as you wish.

Book of Reincarnation for Glory

If you have little money, but have a lot of fame, you can also get the book of reincarnation in a different way. In the course of the game, you will unlock the hidden teahouse on the world map. The dealer here also has the book of reincarnation in his product offer.

You can also find it under the tab "items" below and can buy it for the first purchase for 800 glory. But here again, extra purchase will cost you more glory. So the second purchase is about 1100 glory. So, think carefully when you are considering redistributing attribute points.

If you are unhappy at the beginning of your quest, you must first complete the first story mission Isle of Demons to get access to the world map and thus the weapon forge. Earlier is not possible. There is also a third way to get books of reincarnation. Keep an eye out for missions. Sometimes you can also find the books of reincarnation hidden or get it by completing certain quests.