How to Get Ancient Arrows/Unlock Shop: Zelda Breath of the Wild

The Ancient Arrows are the strongest ammo in Zelda: Breath of the Wild with an attack power of 50. Normal enemies and powerful guardians can handle so easily with a single accurate shot. But where can you find the ancient arrows?

At the very end of the game, when you approach the final boss in Castle Hyrule, you will need ancient arrows as there are a lot of guards waiting for you. The first thing you need to do is unlock the Ancient shop. To do this, proceed as follows.

- Go to the Hateno research center - In the course of the main quests, you are sent by Impa to get the camera function for your Shiekah stone.

- For this, you must first complete a quest where you have to transport the blue color fire to the top of the Hateno research center. This makes Purah clear your camera.

- Subsequently, you get from Purah the quest Robbie's Research, one of the side quests of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. You should visit the researcher Robbie, who is in the Akkala Institute in the northeast.

- When you get to him, you have to take off your clothes and show them your scar to prove that you are the real link.

- Now you have to transport a blue fire, but the path is longer and spiked by enemies. Since you can not resist, if you carry the fire, you should already do as many enemies on the way out.

- If the torch lights on the way back on the way, you can check out points.

If you have done everything and brought the fire to Robelo at the Akkala research lab, you will unlock the Ancient shop.

The Ancient Shop

In the Ancient shop, for the ancient arrows and the other goods you need not only rupees, but also the necessary materials. The ancient shop offers you the following goods.

Ancient arrow (Cost 90 Rupees)

Required Material

2x Ancient Screw
1x Ancient Axis
1x Arrow

3x Ancient Arrows (Cost 250 Rupees)

6x Ancient Screw
3x Ancient Axis
3x Arrow

5x Ancient Arrow (Cost 400 Rupees)

5x Ancient feather
5x Ancient axis
5x Arrow

Ancient Short Sword (Cost 1000 Rupees)

15x Ancient Springs
5x Ancient Shafts
2x Ancient Cores

Ancient Shield (Cost 1000 Rupees)

10x Ancient Gear
15x Ancient Springs
1x Ancient Giant Core

Ancient Bladesaw (Cost 1000 Rupees)

15x Ancient Screw
5x Ancient Shafts
2x Ancient Cores

Antique Spear (Cost 1000 Rupees)

15x Ancient Gear
5x Ancient Shafts
2x Ancient Cores

Ancient Bow (Cost 1000 Rupees)

10x Ancient Gears
15x Ancient Springs
1x Ancient giant Cores

Ancient Helm (Cost 2000 Rupees)

20x Ancient Gears
5x Ancient Shafts
3x Ancient Cores

Ancient Cuirass (Cost 2000 Rupees)

20x Ancient Gears
5x Ancient Screws
3x Ancient Cores

Ancient Greives (Cost 2000 Rupees)

20x Ancient Gears
5x Ancient Springs
3x Ancient Cores

You will get the materials as a drop from the guard or you can sometimes find them in boxes. If you want to find Ancient, this only works over the Ancient shop. Although you are sometimes given them by merchants or finds them in boxes (for example in Hyrule Castle), but these are not permanent sources of reference.