The Division: All Gear Sets in 1.6 and Bonuses and Talents

With the first update, The Division was introduced the Gear Sets. In the course of the following updates, additional sets were added which, however, did not yield very good result.

Therefore the equipment sets have already been revised several times, especially with Update 1.4. But changes also took place with 1.5 and 1.6. The announced SEEKR Gear Set is not yet include in the game. This must be revised.

The Equipment Gear Sets - Update 1.6 with Their Talents and Bonuses

The Sentry's Call Gear Set

- 2 Set Bonus: +30% precision

- 3 Set Bonus: +10% Head shot damage

- 4 Set Bonus: Talent – Headshots with semi-automatic weapons mark the enemy and increase the damage inflicted by 5% for 30 seconds. A destination can have up to three markers.

Striker's Battle Gear Set

- 2 Set Bonus: +20% Stability

- 3 Set Bonus: +10% Enemy Armor Damage

- 4 Set Bonus: Talent – Each successive hit adds 1% more damage. The bonus can reach up to 100%. Fletching it by 2%. The bonus is reduced by 1% per second.

Tactician's Authority

- 2 Set Bonus: +15% Craft ropes
- 3 Set Bonus: +10% Skill strength
- 4 Set Bonus: Talent - Per ball, with which your group hits an opponent, you gain a 0.2% skill level, with a maximum bonus of 30%. The bonus disappears only when a skill is used.

Path of the Nomad

- 2 Set Bonus: +15% Lives at killing

- 3 Set Bonus: It has a constant, minimal healing so that the user can regenerate all segments of the health display during battle.

- 4 Set Bonus: Talent – When you take a deadly hit, you gain all your life force. Every 4 minutes possible.

Predator's Mark

- 2 Set Bonus: +10% Reload Speed

- 3 Set Bonus: +8% Storm Rifle Damage and 8% Machine Pistol Damage

- 4 Set Bonus: Talent – Add 10 hits to an enemy without changing the target to add damage over time. This amounts to 50% of the damage inflicted.

Hunter's Faith

- 2 Set Bonus: +20% Optimum range

- 3 Set Bonus: +10% Head shot damage

- 4 Set Bonus: Talent – When you hit an opponent with a bullet, you and your group are temporarily protected. The further the shot removal, the greater the protection. The protection of each group member disappears as soon as it is hit by an opponent's ball.

Final Measure

- 2 Set-Bonus: +25% Exotic damage resilience

- 3 Set Bonus: +15% Protection from elite

- 4 Set Bonus: Talent – If you are within range of a hostile grenade or mortar, they are defused and added to your inventory. Every 8 seconds possible.

Lone Star

- 2 Set Bonus: +100% Ammo Capacity

- 3 Set Bonus: +8% LMG Damage and 8% shotgun damage

- 4 Set Bonus: Talent – When the weapon is again brought back, it is immediately reloaded.


- 2 Set Bonus: +100% Life point regeneration

- 3 Set Bonus: +5% Weapon damage

- 4 Set Bonus: Talent – If the primary and secondary weapons belong to the same category, the equipped weapon gets the third (always active) talent of the weapon that is not being used.


- 2 Set Bonus: +40% Initial bullet stability

- 3 Set Bonus: +20% Marksman Rifle Critical Hit Damage

- 4 Set Bonus: Talent – In the zoom, precision guns lose the head shot bonus, but gain 100% critical hit chance. Only works “zoomed scopes”.


- 2 Set Bonus: +3 Incendiary Grenade Capacity

- 3 Set Bonus: +50% Flame Turret Range +30% Flame Turret Damage

- 4 Set Bonus: Talent – The damage is increased by 15% against burning targets.


2 Set Bones: +50% Consumables duration

3 Set Bonus: +50% Support Station duration

4 Set Bonus: Talent – All mods of the support station are active at the same time


- 2 Set Bonus: +20% Looted Dark Zone funds

- 3 Set Bonus: +10% Damage to targets out of cover

- 4-Set-Bonus: Talent – As a Rogue, the ammo is fully filled every 30 seconds. The damage from non-rogue players is reduced by 10%. As a non-rogue player, the damage inflicted on Rogue players increases by 10%. This bonus is increased to 20% for 10 minutes after being killed by a rogue player.


- 2 Set Bonus: +15% Protection from elite

- 3 Set Bonus: +30% Ballistic Shield health

- 4 Set Bonus: Talent – Enables the use of a machine gun when a ballistic shield is active. SMG's critical hit quality has been maintained since 1.6. The shield does not have any active skills mod. If the MP no longer has ammunition, you automatically switch to the next weapon.