Dawn of War 3: Fix Not Starting, Lags and Errors

If Dawn of War 3 does not start, there may be different reasons. Pre Order buyers had the problem that they won’t be able to enter the game, but this should have been fixed by the first patches since release. In this guide, we will give you fixes for all other familiar and common problems.

Problems with the Multiplayer and the Connection

If you are into the game and have no problems in the singleplayer, but you may encounter errors and crashes in the multiplayer

- Thrown Out From the Multiplayer Lobby: It can happen that you are thrown out of a lobby and afterwards cannot join. At this point, only a reboot of Dawn of War 3 will help.

- Network Problems: You should verify that your RelicDoW3.exe is not blocked by your antivirus program.

* In addition, TCP ports 443, 27017-27030, and 50000-50010 should be open.

* The IP address should be white listed.

Game Does Not Start or Other Problems

If the connection is intact, and problems still occur, these steps can help you

- No sound: Check if your desktop remote applications will not block the audio output.

- Low memory: DoW 3 can occasionally crash if you run too many programs in the background. Close them and restarts the game.

- Driver Problems: Check your drivers from Nvidia and AMD for their updates.

- Poor Performance: Even if you meet the system requirements, it may happen that your system is using the dedicated GPU (if there are several). Go into the settings of your GPU and list RelicDoW3.exe with the desired GPU in the games.

- Problem Despite Current Drivers: If you have running programs, you should disable them to verify that the problem persists.