Find Remnant Data Cores in Mass Effect Andromeda

In Mass Effect Andromeda, you get a task to find remnant data cores. These are materials that you can later use to create armor. The problem with this challenge is that there are no fixed locations for the remnant data cores. However, there are locations and enemies, where you are likely to find these items.

If you're wondering why it's really important to search for these items, if they're never 100% in the same place, then let's advise you to search the remnant data cores anyway. It's worth it, but any further info might spoil you.

The Fastest Way To Find Remnant Data Cores:

As already mentioned, the remnant data cores in Mass Effect Andromeda spawn rather randomly. There is a little trick which leads you to find the possible locations. Overall, there are two (known to us so far known) ways to get the remnant data cores:

- Architects: These big metal machines are now known to you. In Andromeda there are four of them. When you defeat the giants, you can plunder a crate nearby or examine them in the orbit of the planet. In most cases you will be rewarded with a remnant data core. But even here it should have happened that this hotly coveted item was not dropped. And even if they drop them all, you still need more.

- Hidden Caches / Reconnaissance: You can find them under "defense". Investigate one of the points in Hidden Caches, because you are then displayed on the map hidden camps around reconnaissance posts - and this applies to all planets. So take your reconnaissance posts and look for the hiding places. Here you have the greatest chances to find the data cores.