Guts and Glory quick Guide / Walkthrough

Guts and Glory is a video game that challenges players to complete the course while avoiding various dangers. The game is still in early access on PC (Windows ) and Mac through the online Steam store and there are planned versions for PS4 and Xbox One later in 2017.

How to Play Guts and Glory

Your goal is to go through the stages and tap the checkpoints along the way, marked by lighted circles. All of these points are required, but the yellow ones only mark the places that the player needs to go, while the oranges also offer points to resurface. This means that you can return to these orange points by dying elsewhere in the phase or by pressing V.


- Move: arrows;
- Camera: Q, E and X;
- Restart: V;
- Turbo: Shift;
- Adrenaline: C;
- Maneuvers: W, A, S, D.


Currently, there are three characters available in the game, each with its advantages and disadvantages. John and Jimmy, a father and son who share a bicycle, are the most versatile, especially for maneuvering, but they are also the most fragile and can easily be knocked over or taken off the course by hitting something.

Earl drives an ATV so it is more resistant to knocks, but it is more common for one of its wheels to have some problem and make it tricky to drive straight. And the Yang family has a convertible with good resistance, but their specialty is skidding, which makes it a bit easy to lose control of the car.


A detail worth mentioning is that the characters don’t have to get integers until the end of the route, just like their vehicles. In cases like John and Jimmy or the Yang family, only the father has to come to the end to count as a win. This also holds true for parts of vehicles.

Turbo and Adrenaline

In addition to the basic commands, you have access to two extra useful skills. The first of these is the Turbo Shift key, which allows you to accelerate to escape dangers or make more leaps. The amount of Turbo available is indicated by the yellow bar in the lower left corner. Already the power of Adrenaline in the C key leaves the game in slow motion for an instant and allows you to perform movements with greater precision, without limit of use.


It is possible to perform some maneuvers during the courses to recover some of your Turbo energy bar. To do this, simply use the W, A, S, D keys to rotate your vehicle and loop while it is in the air. It's a good idea to use the Turbo to jump higher and have more time in the air. The Yang Family's drifts also count as a maneuver.