Mass Effect Andromeda Decisions with all Consequences Guide

In Mass Effect: Andromeda, you will face with decisions. In this guide we have listed all the consequences of the important decisions for you.

Spoiler warning: Since this is a critical decision of the story, there are logically massive spoilers for the action of the game. Whoever does not want to know about it, should not read further.

First, we want to point out that the consequences listed include only the direct consequences within the game. If there is a successor, such as a Mass Effect: Andromeda 2", then it is very likely that the decisions made have further consequences. But this is not yet clear.

Decisions In The Main Missions


Decision: Explore the planet Habitat 7 before completing the mission
Consequences: Ryder is praised by his father.

A Trail of Hopeful

Decision 1: Destroy the Temple of the Warrior with the Cardinal and the captured Angara
Consequences: No impact.

Decision 2: Don't destroy the Cardinal and the Temple.
Consequences: The Resistance fighters of the Angara help in the last mission.

Hunting the Archon

Sloane Kelly's Deal

Decision 1: Accept the deal of Sloane Kelly
Consequences: Vehn Terev is killed and the dialogues of Reyes and Kelly change.

Decision 2: Reject the deal of Sloane Kelly
Consequences: Vehn Tereve can fly and there are other dialogues with Kelly and Reyes.

Save Krogan or Salarian

Decision 1: Save the Salarians
Consequences: The Pathfinder of the Salarians survives and supports the last mission.

Decision 2: Save the Krogan scouts
Consequences: The Krogan helps with the last mission. A "new" Pathfinder of the Salarians also helps.

Meridian - The Way Home

Use The Code

Decision 1: Use the code from the Primus
Consequences: The troops of Kett are much weaker.

Decision 2: Do not use the code from the Primus (automatically if the mission has not been played)
Consequences: No consequences

Captain The Hyperion

Decision 1: Captain Dunn Dies
Consequences: The crew of Hyperion survives, the Captain dies

Decision 2: Captain Dunn survived
Consequences: All survive on the Hyperion. This happens only when the Turian Avitus Rex has become Pathfinder and Cora's loyalty mission has been completed.

Decisions In The Side Missions

Salarian Ark: Truth and Takeover

Decision 1: Dr. Aden is arrested
Consequences: Saelen supports the Pathfinder in the last mission

Decision 2: Dr. Aden Remains in freedom
Consequences: No Consequences

Turian Ark: Lost, but don't forget

Decision 1: Avitus Rex is convinced to be the new turian pathfinder.
Consequences: Rex helps with the last mission and supports the survival of Captain Dunn.

Decision 2: Avitus Rex was not convinced to become a Pathfinder.
Consequences: Rex lives with a lot of alcohol on Kadara.

Ryder Family

Decision 1: Find all memory fragments
Consequences: No Consequences

Decision 2: Don’t find any memory fragments
Consequences: Ryder learns that the mother is still alive and is learning what the purpose of the scourge is.

Cora Loyalty Missions

Cora Haper: On the edge of duty

Decision 1: Sarissa's secret is Kept.
Consequences: Sarissa remains Pathfinder of the Asari and helps in the last mission

Decision 2: Sarissa's secret and replace her as a pathfinder
Consequences: The successor Vederia helps with the last mission

Decision 3: Sarissa's secret, but keep her as a Pathfinder
Consequences: Sarissa supports in the last mission only if one persuades them personally at the headquarters of the Pathfinder.

Liam Kosta: Full use (Loyalty Missions)

Decision 1: Liam leaves the door open
Consequences: No Consequences

Decision 2: Liam notes the mess
Consequences: Can lead to the break between Liam and Ryder if there was a relationship.

Jaal Ama Darav: Friend or foe? (Loyalty Missions)

Decision 1: Ryder shoots Akksul
Consequences: Jaal is very disappointed with Ryder's lack of trust and the attacks of the Roekaar.

Decision 2: Akksul shoots at Jaal
Consequences: The attacks of the Roekaar become less.

In both cases, Jaal's family helps with the last mission

Peebee Loyalty Mission

Decision 1: Kalinda dies
Consequences: No Consequences

Decision 2: Kalinda survived
Consequences: Peebee gets Remnant Tech supported by Kalinda in the last mission.

Please note that there are many more decisions to be made in the course of the game, especially for small side missions. These usually have no effect on the main story, but could - as all decisions - come into play in a possible sequel.