Pokémon GO: Niantic Working on to Stop Spoofing

In Pokémon GO, cheating is unfortunately something that many users do regularly. The spoofing is particularly popular and for some trainers it is already their normal way to play the game.

With this type of cheats trainers can deceive the game, and can catch regional Pokémon in other countries or quickly take many arenas. Spoofing is also known as "Fake GPS". With Niantic there is no tolerance for these players and that is why it is working on to stop the spoofing completely.

Niantic Works with Trainers

Spoofers can worsen the game experience of many coaches when they are arenas by which they are not really close. Trainers start the spoofing software and deceive Pokémon GO that they are in Paris, although they actually lie on their sofa in home. This gives them unfair advantages over other trainers who play the game "legally" without additional software. Spoofer can travel much faster from point A to point B.

A few days ago the third big ban already started. Among them are bot accounts and many spooters. Now the developers are announcing that they are working hard to implement a feature against spoofing in the game. For this, they use general feedback from players and reports from trainers who report cheaters.

For you this announcement means that you should continue to report cheaters, if you have a strong suspicion. Niantic looks closely at the messages and listens to your problems. You can register another player in the Niantic support area. Nianticlabs.com.

Be sure to check if a player is really cheating. If someone is attacking an arena and is not at first sight in the area around the arena, he could also be sitting in a car or behind a wall. If you need to be sure that this player needs to cheat to take certain actions in the game (for example, attacking two arenas within a few seconds, even though the player could not travel so fast), you should report it.

In the community, the changes are largely positive. On Reddit the user writes "If Niantic publishes an update that minimizes spoofing at least, it would be the best update so far released."

Other players are already glad that Niantic is addressing the problem so openly and working on a solution.