The Dregs Guide: Location / Recipes - Conan Exiles: Dungeon

In Conan Exiles, there is a sewage system in the wasteland deep under the nameless city, where eerie experiments from ancient times were disposed. But also many valuable items are hidden there.

In this guide, we will show you how to find the dungeon, what equipment you should pack and how you fight the boss.

Where is the entrance to the dungeon?

To find the dungeon, you don’t have to explore the nameless city. Rather, the entrance to the canals is close to the starting area. Just follow the river south to the end at the cliff. There you can find a few cannibals.

One of them should be lured to the entrance of the dungeon and be slain there. Through the blood of the dead, the entrance to the dungeon opens. Alternatively you can kill your slaves there to get the necessary blood.

Entrance to the Dungeon

What awaits you in the dungeon?

You should start in the dungeon only at level 30 alone. Otherwise, you should have a group between the levels 10 and 20. In the sewage system, you’ll encounter some powerful enemies, which you should fight only one by one. On the other hand, Skeletons are less challenging.

Beside enemies, you also encounter puzzles. These are bronze disks, which you have to use arrows, in order to flood areas and make them more accessible. So pack an arc!

The Snake - Endboss

At the end of the dungeon you will encounter a giant snake, who lives in a pond. The creature can attack in four ways:

- At a short distance you block the melee attacks with a shield.
- At a great distance, the serpent poison, which is easily evaded.
- At mid-range, the snake's acid-spraying attack is particularly nasty as it can kill you quickly. Take care that you get out of reach in time.
- At close range, the snake occasionally takes a storm attack. If you avoid this, it is around for a while and can be torn.

As a reward for the troubles, you get a recipe to build armor from lizard skins as well as instructions for the production of Phosphorus (burning under water) and items from the "Abyssal" set.