Friday the 13th: Strategies / Tactics to Kill Jason Voorhees

Have you enough of hiding and fearing? Then it's time to kill Jason Voorhees. The key to this victory is Tommy Jarvis. Already in the films around Jason Voorhees Tommy was driven by the killer to put an end - and did this also now and then.

If you want to kill Jason, the first step is to sacrifice one of the Counselors. Only after one of your characters has died or escaped, Tommy Jarvis appears and is taken over by the murdered counselor. However, for this you must first contact Tommy via the radio. As soon as he appears, you should equip him with a melee weapon. Tommy brings a shotgun but he cannot kill Jason.

You need at least two players, but the more you have, the more secure. One of you must choose a female character. If you want to kill Jason, this is possible only by helping a woman. You must go with her to the cottage of Pamela Voorhees (Jason's mother). In this house you will find the sweater of Pamela. If your Counselor is now dressed in the garment, she can stop Jason for a moment of action.

You will find the mother's cottage somewhere on the premises. The location can be somewhere else, but in general they are fixed places and you will get to know them all over time. Once you have taken the sweater, Jason will notice this and teleport to you. So be careful and flee one last time before him. If you have the mother's sweater and Tommy with an ax or machete, you can turn the tables and kill Jason. Before, you must hit the mask. Proceed as follows:

- You can knock down Jason's Mask when you attack him in close combat. You will get the message "Show yourself!" And 50 XP when you have done it.

- As soon as Jason wants to attack you, the female character should soothe him with the sweater. This gives your counselor Jason's mother and Jason thinks she's speaking to him.

- The killer is now stunned and you have to be fast.

- Beat him with the female character wearing the sweater, and he will sink to his knees.

- As soon as Jason is on knees, you must strike Tommy.

- Zack! Jason was supposed to be dead.