Level Up your Injustice 2 Characters Quickly

In Injustice 2, level up will increase the attributes of your heroes and villains in the areas of strength, defense, ability and health, and will also allow you to create better equipment. For each battle you won, you earn between 400 and 500 experience points and you need to win about 100 battles to get a character at level 20. In this guide, we will show how you can quickly level your characters.

First, we want to show you a method that brings every character from level 1 to the Maximal level 20 within about 40 minutes. However, this is not fun and it takes long time, where you need about 15-20 hours until you have spoiled every hero. You need a second controller, but it can also be done with a little extra time.

- First go to the point in the main menu Extras - options - Gameplay settings.

- Turn off the vibration, So that the second controller does not vibrate continuously.

- Set the lap time to the maximum length of 300 seconds. This is the reason that you get more XP for a win if there is still time left after a victory on the clock.

- Set the winning rounds “1″. This way, you only have to reduce one of your opponent's health bars and you can speed things up enormously.

- Start a local Vs. match in multiplayer. You need a second controller or a PS Vita. If you don’t have both, you can fight against the AI on "Very Easy", but this will take longer.

- Now select the character you want to level and use the second controller to select an opponent.

- Switch off all match options for both players and start the fight.

- Finish your opponent as fast as possible. You can always have a combo with you ← + X and / or. ← + a Spam, To finish the fight as soon as possible. The higher your level with the hero, the faster you can finish the battles due to the level difference and thus reach level 20.

Repeat this method until your level reaches 20. You get about 580 XP for each victory and each fight should not take more than 20 seconds.

For the achievement or the trophy "Master Of All Trades" you have to bring all the characters in the game to level 20. This also includes Brainiac, who you have to unlock as a playable rogue, once you have completed the story mode.

Other methods for fast level-up

Since the method described above is quite boring, we recommend you only after you have fully tried out all aspects of the game. For example, complete the story mode to 100%, with half of the characters automatically being raised to level 5. In addition, you can follow some tricks here to get faster:

- Look for equipment that gives you bonus XP and put it on. The Augment "Expertise" increases your character EP by a certain percentage. Some equipment bonuses also give you bonus XP for certain actions in combat.

- Meet the challenges of the multiverse, where you also get mother boxes in addition to the experience points. Always try to complete all the current challenges before applying other monotonous leveling methods.

- The combat simulator is also a good source of income for experience points where you don’t have to actively fight yourself. Simply create a team of three heroes that you want to level and make them available to other players as an opponent. In this way, XP always comes back and you also get mother boxes, regardless of whether your AI team wins or loses.

For the impatient players, the in-game currency "Source Crystals" is a good starting point for more XP. You can get a character for 10,000 source crystals directly at level 20. You deserve to get crystals in the game so you can buy them in the in-game shop, but also for real money and in this way you can level-up quickly.