Neverwinter: Shroud of Souls is live - Details

The adventures in the last DLC The Cloaked Ascendancy for Neverwinter revolve around the crazy illusionist Lukan from the mystic veil, who scared the river district of the city Neverwinter in terror. As it turned out, the magician had no other choice for his deeds, because he was followed by mysterious shadow creatures.

Lukan has released something evil into the Neverwinter world... Time for a classic adventure in the world of dungeons and dragons!

Now it is up to you, on behalf of Sergeant Knox, to investigate reports of the evil spirit in the river district. What is behind it and does it somehow relate to the events from The Cloaked Ascendancy? From now on you can find this when you play the new adventure module Shroud of Souls on the PC.

- With the help of the famous interior decorator Fibonacci, you can make your fortress even more interesting and decorate your guild hall more variedly.

- A new fortress is waiting for you! The dwarfs of Delzoun have sent a tribute in the form of supplies to you. But some bandits started to deliver. You must protect the supply and get the loot.

- New temporary structures. Several merchants and craftsmen will come to your fortress to offer their services to the furnishing of your Guild Hall.

Also new is the presetting feature, which allows you to switch between predefined sets of forces with only one mouse click. The new adventure module Shroud of Souls will be released later for Xbox One and Playstation 4.