Prey (2017): Fix Freezes, Lags, Jerks Not Starting and Crashes

Although the developer Arcane Studios has moved to a new engine to make the PC version of the game, Prey (2017), run smoothly as possible. Unfortunately, this did not work, because Prey has some problems and errors on the PC. If you look at the Steam reviews for Prey, they are mostly positive - but there are also some players who complain about problems and bugs.

It is usually the hardware of the PCs - the system requirements also require 16 GB of RAM to play with a good performance. If your PC meets the minimum system requirements and is also equip with the latest driver but still encounter problems such as Freezes, Lags, Jerks Not Starting or Crashes, then we will give you some solution here.

Prey Lags Or Jerks

Some players complain about Lags or Jerks. In an action-packed game like Prey, this is especially annoying. You can try with the following:

- Open the Task-Manager.
- Click Processes and search for the Prey.exe.
- Right-click and select Set priority
- Set to high.

After that, your CPU performance should drop by half.

- If you have an NVidia graphics card (especially the model 1070), uninstall the new driver and then reinstall the previous one 381.89.

The Game Does Not Start Or Remains In The Load Screen

If you have RTSS or Crimson software to limit the FPS, you might get stuck in the load screen. Disable this feature and use the Frame rate control in the game.

Prey Crashes

There are some methods on the Internet that should work in the event of a crash. We have listed all possibilities below:

- First we look at the virtual memory of Windows. It consists of your memory and parts of your hard drive. If the RAM figure for Prey is no longer sufficient, the hard disk memory or the paging files are used. In order to prevent the whole thing and return to the working memory, we have to adjust the size of the paging files (SWAP files) in the system control.

- Select your PC (alternatively, Control Panel and System) and click on it with the right mouse button.

- Under Properties, you'll find Advanced System Settings on the upper left.

- Under Advanced Settings, select the properties in the Performance category and click Properties again.

- Select Advanced and change the size under the virtual memory.

- Select the upper check mark (automatic apply) and click on the circle next to the manual size.

- Now it becomes computational. Read the properties of your PC and look at the memory (RAM). Calculate your GB number x 1024 (MB).

- Give the result at the minimum size.

- Return the result again to get the true physical memory.

- Enter the number at the maximum size.

- Restart the PC.

Otherwise, you can click your Steam library and right-click on Prey to select the properties. Search for the possibility to check the local files for errors. Often the error can also come from a broken file. Load an automatic save and try again. If this has not helped, go directly into the settings in the game and turn off anti-aliasing. If Prey still crashes, go to the Task Manager and close TableInputService.

The Picture Freezes in The Game

Turn off V-Sync, limit the FPS to 120, or set the game to frameless window mode. This should solve your problem. Otherwise simply disable triple buffering in the NVidia software settings.