Weapon Locations / Guide - Talos I: Prey (2017)

In Prey, you must first find weapons as they are scattered on the Talos I. This helps you one or the other tool as well as guns. But be careful, in Prey unfortunately you have limited ammunition.

You have the free choice: In close combat, you can use the pipe wrench or in distance combat you can use the S4 shotgun. It can be especially creative if you use the GLOO cannon, for example, to show the nasty extraterrestrial who is the boss on the Talos.

However, don’t be surprised if you suddenly find a toy crossbow under a desk. This is a kind of nerf gun that shoots foam ammunition. However, you need to know what you need or need to do.

Below we have listed all the weapons / gadgets and their locations.

Industrial Pipe Wrench

Location: Once you have left your apartment for the second time and search the corpse of Patricia Varma, you can find this weapon. Smaller opponents can be knocked loose with the pipe wrench with only two to three hits. But it will not help you against the mighty Typhon. But the Wrench can help you save ammunition. With it, you can hit objects instead of having your pistol deployed.

GLOO Cannon

Location: GLOO stands for Gel Foam-Lamination Organism Obstructor. You can find this weapon on the women's toilet, which is above the main hall, or you can find the GLOO cannon when you search the corpse of Veer Singh in the Neuromod compartment (demo). The GLOO cannon is your most important and best weapon when you engage the aliens. In terms of combinations with other gadgets or your abilities, it leaves nothing to be desired and offers you many possibilities. With the help of the foam you can make your enemies motionless and even create new paths when you spray walls with it.

Disruptor Stun Gun

Location: If you want to find this weapon, you have to go to the second floor of the Neuromod compartment. Here you can find a corpse in a corner, which you have to search. This pistol is not fatal, but it can help you if you want to put your opponents out of action for a short time. For example, if you only want to get past the opponent or give you more time, then the Disruptor Stun Gun is the right choice. Combine them with other gadgets to make them even more effective.

Throne S4 Tactical Pump Shotgun

Location: With the S4 Shotgun, you can hurl great enemies away from you, since the weapon has a high penetration force. This is a classic among the weapons. You should also use them on relatively short distances as they can be particularly effective and unfold their full force.

PPN Silenced pistol

Location: Look for Morgan's desk, or the lifeless body of Elias Black, discovered in the conference room, if you want to find this weapon. If you want to go particularly unobtrusively and silently, then this pistol is your best friend.

TS QPB S11 Quasiparticle Beam

Location: With this weapon, you can hunt a powerful energy beam in Prey through the bodies of your enemies. It is unstable energy, which you can send through lines. You also have the ability to catch multiple enemies at once, as the energy is transferred from one to the next opponent when they are close enough to each other - so you can trigger a chain reaction with only one shot.

Recycler Charge

Location: The recycler charge is a grenade, which can be used in many ways. As it name implies, it recycles different objects then it can convert these into valuable raw materials. But it can also reveal secrets to you. Throw the grenade into an assigned space and it swallows all useless. Of course, you can also use the charge against enemies, because they are also easily absorbed by the grenade.

Huntress Boltcaster

Location: This is the toy weapon. As a result, you cannot harm them. But it is useful if you want to attract enemies to do them individually. Try to use the Huntress Boltcaster always with one of your abilities.

Margrave Shotgun

Location: Unfortunately, only pre-orderers could look forward to this weapon. It has a unique weapon skin.