Tekken 7: Change the Appearance, Characters Customization Guide

Tekken 7 is the latest entry in the simulator fighting video game series from the Bandai Namco. The new installment features an extensive fighter customization system which can equip outfit and accessories with dozens of unlockable options. In this guide, we will show you how the editor works and how to use it:

One of the great new features in the game is its expanded customization system. You can store up to ten types of outfit combinations and accessories for each character, and new items are unlocked with game currency acquired in online and offline fights.

Customize Character

Step 1. In the main menu of Tekken 7, locate the Customize Character option and press the action button to advance;

Step 2. After that, choose one of the ten available spaces and proceed to the hero selection tab. From there, choose your favorite fighter and start editing;

Step 3. In the edit menu, navigate between the tabs to modify each detail of the fighter. It is important to emphasize that the equipped items don’t change the attributes of the combatant and are limited to cosmetic changes only.

There is also the possibility to adjust the effect of blow with new colors, besides the intensity of particles when delivering certain blows.

There are specific items to each type of fighter, however many of the options of pants, armor, T-shirts and masks will suit anyone. This means that getting stylish armor for the King becomes a good investment, as other fighters can also use it.

Don’t forget to change the character panel so that other players can know your favorite character.

Customize Player

In addition to character modifications, Tekken 7 allows the user to change the player information panel, one of the trademarks of online mode. In the main menu, view the "Customize character" option and then go to "Customize player";

Once you've done that, you'll be able to adjust the look of the life bar, as well as apply colors and shapes to the battle-screen interface, which is displayed both in offline and competitive mode.