The Crew 2: Switch your Vehicle - Car, Boat or Plane Easily

Ubisoft has introduced new features of The Crew 2 during its E3 2017 presentation. This includes a variety of ways of moving around to explore the map or participate in races.

Shifting vehicles is done on the fly. This means, while you are driving with your boat in the water, you can choose a plane and take off via a simple interface selection.

In game, you have the freedom to choose whether you want to control a car, boat or plane. You are not forced to make progress with this racing car now, but you can explore the huge map as you want it.

All locations on the map can be reached by car or plane. There is also a huge network of waterways on which you can sail with boats from the top to the bottom of the map.

Switching between the vehicles is simple and does not interrupt the smooth gameplay. If you are on the plane, you can easily enter the boat mode and continue on the river below. The selection in the interface is clearly arranged with waves, clouds and streets:

The huge open-world map of the game invites you to take a deep exploration tour.

Race fans get their money's worth in the built-in races and circuit classes. There you can compete with other players and race against each other. These courses are available both on the water, in the air and as usual on the road and on off-road tracks.

Different disciplines are classified into so-called "Families". These families include off-road, freestyle, street racing and racing for professional racers, who count on every millisecond to win.

The Crew 2 will be available in early 2018 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC