Top Capabilities / Benefits of New Intel Core i9 CPUs

Intel has recently unveiled its new processors Core i9 series at Computex 2017, the new CPUs can handle multiple heavy programs at the same time without sacrificing performance. The basic model, the 10-core Intel Core i9-7900X, is now available to buy in retail stores at $ 999. The top Core i9-7980XE will be available for $ 1,999 and will begin shipping in October. With its 18 cores and 36 threads, the chip is the most advanced of the present time for the final consumer.

Certainly these high price CPUs are not for the common public. They have been designed for enthusiasts and professionals who need ultra-high performance, such as video creators and professional gamers. In this article, we have listed some features and capabilities of the new Intel Core i9 CPUs.

Video Games - Intel Core i9 CPUs are good for PC Games

The i9 processors are designed for all video gamers, especially the pros. It is now possible to overclock each core individually, further increasing the processing speed of the machine. With this, Intel ensures that e-sports players will be able to play 4K titles, stream live for fans and record the entire game at the same time without any crashes.

Virtual Reality

In addition to the large number of cores and threads (from 20 to 36), the models were upgraded in Turbo Boost Max. In version 3.0, the technology identifies the two best-performing cores, automatically increasing their speed when needed.

Combined with the other features, this feature helps make the new chips ideal for Virtual Reality as well. Running 360-degree videos is no longer a problem, which directly and indirectly encourages the development of more VR titles. Intel has announced several partnerships to create VR games aimed at competition, including promoting its own championship with Virtual Reality games, the Intel Extreme Masters.

Editing and Creating Videos

Other target audiences for i9 processors are film professionals, video creators and people who work with image editing in general. This is because the ability to run multiple heavy programs simultaneously makes it possible to manipulate heavy files with Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop and Lightroom open at the same time.

The creators will also be able to work with multiple videos in 4K and 360º without crashes, according to Intel itself. The benefits can be felt not only for traditional areas of video editing, such as YouTubers and those who produce for the Internet.

Smart Home

With the growth of smart homes, the demand for a processor that can handle multiple connected devices and generate information all the time is increasing. A desktop with one of the new i9 chips can be at the heart of this smart home controlling everything from security cameras and light systems to the video game itself, ensuring that all tasks run smoothly.


Those who work in the areas of architecture or engineering, operate extremely heavy software, generating large 3D images. As well as video editors, these professionals benefit from the ability to run programs such as AutoCAD, Scilab, 3DSMAX, Corel Draw and Photoshop at the same time as creating or modifying their projects. Having 10 to 18 cores in the processor, these dedicated tasks can be performed without loss of computer performance.


Core i9 processors can be used in small and midsize businesses in place of Xeon, Intel's most expensive server-side line. The basic Xeon models also have 10 cores, such as the i9, which reaches up to 18 cores and 36 threads. For business owners, the new chips could mean lower costs in the relatively near future.