Futurama Worlds of Tomorrow: Strategy Guide / Tips

It all started with the love of two Hypno Toads. The universe seems to be destroyed and you have to build a new New York of the future. For this, you can send the heroes of the Planet Express in Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow to clean the galaxy. You can do this by creating the Hypno waves from the "world" and landing your crewmembers. With our strategies the reconstruction should be easy.

Since the app offers many possibilities, it is particularly important to establish an effective sequence of the actions. You need some patience, as you have to wait a lot of actions if you don’t want to pay with real money. Therefore, a good order is helpful, so as to avoid as much waiting time as possible. In addition, you must prove your skill in the fighting so as not to waste any important resources.

- The first action should always be the journey into space. When your Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow starts, your U.S.S. Planet Express and you can use the fuel for your expeditions. This will automatically recharge with time. This is especially recommended, as you can still take your entire team with you at this point. If one of your crewmembers is already busy with a task, you cannot take him with you and so the team's combat strength drops. Unless you have so many crew members that you can always have a complete crew.

- Every member of your crew will be in the city and you should give them tasks. So you can earn XP and Nixonbucks (currency). In addition, they can create items that will allow you to unlock new characters. Use your characters at the same time with similar tasks, so they are ready at the same time.

- When you are in a fight, you can see circles flashing as they attack or defend themselves. These circles are recharged and you have to stop them by tapping the display. Do this at the right moment, get a critical hit, or protect your character from damage.

- You get the 1-X work robot, which represents your construction unit. You can use it to build buildings or eliminate hypnotics. It is a good idea to get rid of the waves quickly, as you can get essential things for the story and stronger buildings. You can buy more robots, but you have to pay for them. If you avoid this, you must plan and keep the robot busy.

- It is important to remember that your characters are using the right career chips. Each character has its own class, which fits in color to the chips. If you use the right combination, you get bonus CP (character points). When you inflate your crew, they gain more combat power and are more actionable.