Zodiac Spear Location: Final Fantasy 12 The Zodiac Age

In the re-release version of Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age, the Zodiac Spear is also available as one of the best weapons in the game. It has a very high attack value of 141, but it is not necessarily the best choice for any of your party members. In this guide, we show you how and where to find Zodiac Spear early in the game.

Not only the attack value of the spear has changed in the latest version of the FF12, but also its location. You can still find it in the Henna Mines. Here, in a certain area, you can spawn a chest containing the Zodiac Spear. However, the probability is only 1%.

If the chest doesn’t appear, try repeatedly. In the chest, the Zodiac Spear is always included, and it respawns so that you can get several Zodiac Spears if you have the necessary patience.

There is also a second method to get to the Zodiac Spear. For this, you must give 16 trophies to the Weapon Bangaa in the Phon Coast. You get a trophy each time you kill one of the 30 exotic monsters. However, the first method takes less time.

Note! Since the Zodiac Spear is a spear weapon, it is not necessarily the best weapon when it comes to blocking enemy attacks or combos. Here, the slightly weaker sun sword maybe the better choice for you.

Location of the Zodiac Spear in the previous version of Final Fantasy 12 (2006)

Also in the original game you can find the Zodiac Spear in a chest in the henna mines. However, the chance is even less, because three chances have to be calculated (chest appears, object in the crate, object is Zodiac Spear). Thus the chance here is only about 0.1%

It is much easier to get to the weapon with the second method but you will not be on your own. You cannot open certain crates in the course of the game, and later you will receive the Zodiac Spear as reward in the Nabudis. You shouldn’t open the following chests:

Rabanastre - south end of lowtown: Across from Dalan's house.

Rabanastre palace - Cellars area: Crate with elixir in the southeast corner.

Nalbina fortress / dungeon: In the middle of the area, where Vaan and his supporters also get their equipment back.

Phon coast - Vaddu Strand: Here, there are 16 chests right next to each other and you shouldn’t open any of them. For safety, leave them alone.

If you are urged to open, then you can travel to the Dead Capital of Nabudis and visit the area niche of the noble. You can get the Zodiac Spear in one of the 16 chests, and you have the strongest weapon in the game.