Paladins Ranked System is upgraded with Patch OB56

The lead designer of Paladins explained how the new rank system (Ranked 2.0) works.

- After the "hard reset" has been carried out, each player must play 15 qualifying matches.

- The players are divided into one of the 7 tier levels based on the qualification matches. The Tiers consist of: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master and Grand-master.

- Each tier is divided into 5 divisions. That is, in each tier level, there are 5 lower stages, which must be reached to get from bronze to silver.

- If you win rated games, you receive triumph points or TP. Once a player has earned at least 100 TPs, he will raise a division.

- Anyone who loses rated games can also lose TPs. Once the points are set to 0, the player drops down in the division.

- The tier masters and grand-masters are an exception. There are no divisions, since only the best players are gathered here.

- In section 2.0, a Ban system is also added. The teams decide which champion may not participate in the round before the match.

- In order to participate in the qualifying matches, players must have a certain number of champions. So they still have enough selections when their champions are banned away.

The Players will receive rewards for their progress in the listed mode. The rewards are divided into two types.

Rewards for Climbing in the Ranking:

- One Champion Skin Chest for Qualifying for Ranked

- There is a Drogoz skin for reaching Tier-Level Gold 5 

- Frame for each tier level

- Crystals for the players who reach Master or Grand-master.

Rewards for winning:

- 1 Weapon Chest for 25 Played ranked matches

- For winning 100 Ranked Matches an Epic Drogoz weapon

- For winning 200 ranked matches, the title "Forged In Battle".