Destiny 2: Nightfall Strike, Arms Dealer, Strategy Guide

The Nightfall Strike is one of the difficult tasks in Destiny 2. Players with a high power level are able to complete this task, you need to reach at least 230 Power level, the recommended level is 240 but it’s better to have 260 before you take the Nightfall.

In the Destiny 2 launch week, the Arms Dealer is the Nightfall Strike. This is to eliminate the Cabal boss Bracus Zahn. While many players are still struggling with this activity on their way to high power levels - the following YouTube Video shows how easy to master the solo nightfall strikes.

The Guardian - Load-out:

- Titan: Striker with impulse grenades and the upper Skill-Tree (with shoulder attack "Seismic Strike")

- Kinetic Weapon: Nameless Midnight (Scout-gun)

- Sky Burner's Oath: (Exotic Scout Riffle)

- Power weapon: Curtain call rocket launcher

- In addition, the guardian has the exotic leg armor dune marchers

- Power-Level 295: Mobility 2, resilience 5 and recovery 5

The user writes that this was a real challenge. By far the most difficult place was the end of the boss fight. The user himself died here, but also the boss, which is why he successfully completed the task.

The fact that he does not make this strike for the first time, can be seen after a few moments. He performs the tasks purposefully and positions himself well with the Titanic barricade. According to his own data he took 5-6 hours, until this run succeeded.

The Nightfall Strike was set to "Normal". There is also the difficulty level "Prestige" - where the recommended power is 300.